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You can always ask the people here at WikiAnswers! I personally love answering questions, and there are many other people who can answer your questions here at WikiAnswers, so ask away!


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that answers my questions all this nonsense on how the universe was formed is tosh

This depends on who you ask. Some say it is 42, according to The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Universe. Others say the answers are in religion or within oneself.

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Our goal at Answers is to answer your questions quickly.

Answers do exist but there will always be more questions than answers.

Sensible questions get sensible answersStupid questions get stupid answersThe answer to your question is ..17 Fish

Wikipedia an encyclopedia with no questions and answers, and Reference Answers has questions and answers.

Because if there are no questions there will be no answers and with no answers nothing would exist.

No, answers only exist to be matched with questions. is a wonderful resources for help with you algebra questions. is also a good site to help find the answers you need.

Astronomy answers questions about stars and galaxies and the universe, and black holes, quasars, super novas, and so forth.

You can get free answers to legal questions at This website provides answers to frequently asked legal questions and also allows you to ask new questions if you wish.

if you dont like the answers ask different questions

The members of this site who knows the answers give answers to the questions asked by others.

It's still all based around answers. Questions that do have answers, and questions that need answering.

No. The answers to questions are not programmed; the answers come from people that want to give their time to give the answers to questions.

The questions ask answers

We do not know if the universe is finite in extent, meaning that at some point it would "end", or if it is infinite. If it is finite, then it might be possible to calculate where the "center" of the universe might be. We do not yet have enough information to answer this question. However, the present standard theory of the Universe says there is no center, even in a finite universe. That's obviously difficult to imagine, but that's what most cosmologists say. If the universe is infinite, meaning that it does not have an edge or boundary, then it would be meaningless to discuss a "center" of the universe. If there's no edge, then ANYPLACE can be the "center". These questions are perhaps more philosophical or religious rather than astronomical, but at present we do not have answers for all the questions we would like to ask - and we're not sure that the questions we ask are really the important questions.

Hinduism was started when people started asking questions about the universe and about themselves. They didn't have answers and so the search for the reality of the universe became the goal of Hinduism (the people in the west call it science but they are one and the same).

"Include in your credit references the answers to these questions" is correct. It is more natural, however, to say "Include the answers to these questions in your credit references."

The simple answer is that no one knows, it happens to be the way the universe is.If such constants were different then we would not be around to ask such questions.It is a metaphysical question and such questions have no concrete answers. But they are such beautiful questions.

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A phone asks no questions but receives a lot of answers.

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