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Where do Red Delicious apples grow?

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Red Delicious Apples grow in Northwest United States!!!

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How are red apples made?

Red apples such as Red Delicious grow on trees just like any other apple.

When are red delicious apples in season?

Red delicious apples are in season in the fall.

Where do golden delicious apples come from?

Golden Delicious Apples grow alot in West Virginia!!!

What types of apples are there?

There are granny smith apples. Green apples, Red Delicious, Golden delicious apples, Winesap apples, Gala apples, McIntosh apples, Rome apples, Gravenstein apples

What are three different apples?

Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious.

Types of apples?

There are many types of apples that are used for eating and baking. There are red and green apples. The different varieties include red delicious, gala, Jonathon, honey crisp, and golden delicious.

How many seeds do red delicious apples have?


What country is apples most popular?

red delicious

Will granny smith apples or red delicious apples decay first?

red delicious will decay first because it has much more sugar in it than a granny smith

Where do paula red apples grow?

Paula Red Apples grow in the northeastern us and Canada

What is red delicious apples scientific name?

Malus domesticus

Can you substitute red delicious apples for granny smith apples in a cake recipe?

you can but it might taste different

Does the word delicious have a verb form?

No, the adjective delicious has no verb form. The closest you can come is 'to make delicious'. Delicious is sometimes a noun when referring to apples, there's a red delicious and a yellow delicious.

What is a fruit with the letter d in it?

blood orangesconcord grapesdateshoney dew melonpink lady applesred delicious applesred grapesred rome apples

What kind of apples does Washington produce?

Washington produces many different kinds of apples including red delicious, golden delicious, fugi, cameo, pink lady, granny smith, jonagold and several others. It is probably best know for red delicious.

What are some adjectives of Apples?

red, green, yellow, Delicious Juicy Easily bruised Crisp shiny, tasty, Types of Apples: honey Crisp Granny Smith Fuji, Red delicious McIntosh, And Carmel

Do red delicious apples have more seeds than granny smith apples?

NO - Granny Smiths generally have more

If you are arguing the merits of the Red Delicious and the Valencia what are you doing?

Comparing apples and oranges

As the story goes what apple did Jesse Hiatt accidentally grow near Peru Iowa where he started selling it once he realized he couldn't kill it?

Red Delicious Apples

What season does red apples grow in?

the spring.....!

Why are red apples sweet and green apples sour?

not all green apples are sour and not all red apples are sweet. it all depends upon the variety. i recommed slightly light green golden delicious apples as they are green and are still sweet.

What is a good title for your science project on red and golden delicious apples and there rotting?

The Changes

What are the names of red apples?

If you mean all red, then Red Delicious and other varieties based on it are some. There are hundreds of types of apples that are at least partly red and overlain with stripes or another color.

Where did Fuji apples come from?

Fuji apples come from Fujisaki Japan and are a cross between the red delicious and Virginia Ralls Genet.

What kind of apples does Australia have?

Australia has many different apples with the most notorious being: red delicious, Jonathan, Granny smith, Braeburn, Bonza, Pink Lady, Golden delicious, Fuji and Gala.

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