Where do Roundworms live?

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most roundworms live in the small intestine of the host but some move through the host body till they get back to the small intestine

sure they live in people's bodies but they also live in deep bodies of salt water and fresh water lakes plus don't forget the soil....

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What kind of water habitat to roundworms live in?

The kind of water habitat that a roundworms live in is salt water

How long do roundworms live?

They can live up to 5 years.

Where roundworms live?

In a humans body or an animals body

How does the roundworms eat?

Roundworms eat bacteria and fungi found in the soil. Some species of roundworm are parasites and live on the blood and body fluids of their host.

What are the predators of roundworms?

What type of roundworms do you mean? roundworms in general and kind

What roundworms eat?

Roundworms usually eat fungi and bacteria that is found in the ground. These worms live in water and soil all around the world except for the desert.

How are the roundworms of the genus Ascaris transmitted from one host to another?

Many roundworms that live in the soil attach to the root hairs of green plants and suck out the plant juices. These parasitic worms cause tremendous damage to many crops all over the world. Roundworms are particularly fond of tomato plants. Other roundworms live inside plant tissues, where they cause considerable damage. ChaCha!

Are roundworms acoelomates?

No roundworms are pusedocoelomates

What are facts about roundworms?

Roundworms are either found in pets or human intestines.They can cause severe infections.They are extremely tiny, that the bare eye cannot see them.Round worms include hookworms and threadworms.Roundworms do not have segments in their bodies.Roundworms are a type of parasitic organism that live in the digestive tract of higher vertebrates.They live off of the food being eaten by the host.roundworm infections date back to around 2700 b.c.

How does an earthworm differ from a roundworm?

Roundworms can cause serious damage to humans and other living things. Roundworms also live in pigs, so when people eat it pork undercooked, they can have roundworms inside their body, where it causes a disease. Earthworms cannot do any of these things that roundworms can do. (Roundworms are parasites, so if you don't want to have parasites inside your body organs, DON'T EAT UNDERCOOKED PORK OR ANY TYPE OF MEAT)

What kingdom are roundworms in?

Roundworms are in Kingdom: Animalia.

What is a roundworms phylum?

roundworms phylum is nematoda

Are roundworms unicellular?

No, roundworms are multicellular organisms.

How are roundworms classified?

Roundworms are in the animal kingdom. They are part of the phylum nematoda. Some roundworms are parasitic. Those roundworms are part of the species ascaris lumbricoides.

What are three common characteristics of flatworms and roundworms?

parasites digestive system they live on their host's

What are roundworms classified as?

Roundworms are a part of the animal kingdom. They are a part of the phylum nematoda. There are several species of roundworms.

Do roundworms have radial symmetry?

No, roundworms have bilateral symmetry.

What do roundworms harm?

Roundworms can harm dogs ect;

What is the different body plan symmetry and feeding methods of cnidarians and roundworms?

Jellyfish are bell shaped and roundworms aren't. Jellyfish sting and roundworms do not. jellyfish are radial and and roundworms are not.

How are earthworms and roundworms body cavities different?

an earth worm lives in the soft, damp soil underground digging tunnels like a mole. roundworms are parasites that live inside your body and can kill you

What is the scienitific name for roundworms?

Roundworms belong to the phylum Nematoda.

What phylum does roundworms belong to?

Roundworms belong to the phylum Nematoda.

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