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Where do aboriginal people live?


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Aboriginal people live in Australia now but long ago were moved then brought back.


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Aboriginal people are found and live in Australia.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the indigenous people of Australia.

The Australian Outback.

Many aboriginal people live in tribes as nomadic people. They travel large areas in search of food and water and even follow migrating herds to have access to fresh food. Some aboriginal people do create villages where food is grown.

Where do aboriginal peopel live?

The aboriginal people of Australia live throughout the country, from the cities to the outback. Prior to European settlement, they lived in all environments, from the coast to the desert.

The Aboriginal peoples of the African country Kenya, live in igloos.

The aboriginal people lived in the north, above the tree line, middle west and south east.

Yes. The MicMac (variously spelled and pronounced) are Nova Scotia aboriginal people, and they still live here today.

Aboriginal people from what land?

Europeans took aboriginal children because the europeans did not want they aboriginal children to learn the way how the aboriginal people live. They also took them because they did not want them to learn there language at all.

The Aboriginal people would live in peace!

aboriginal people are 40,000year old. and live to be 75ears old

No: there are no longer any nomadic indigenous people in Australia. No aboriginal people live a truly traditional lifestyle anymore.

People who live in Australia are simply called Australians.The indigenous people of Australia are known as the "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders".

Aboriginal people got the right to vote in Canada when they became a citizen in the counrty and travel to cananda to live their

aboriginal people were one of the first people

The Aboriginal people traded fur and skills.

Eskimos or Inuit are the people that live in Igloos, and they live up in Canada and Greenland and Alaska.

Aboriginal people refer to the native race of Australian people. Aboriginal Australians were also found on islands close to Australia.

Integration was a policy which said Aboriginal people could continue their cultural beliefs and live alongside others of different cultures. the Integration policy was introduced, supposedly to give Aboriginal people more control over their lives and society.

Aboriginal spears kill many animals and the aboriginal people cooked and ate! But some people steel aboriginal children and treat them terribly.

some aborignal people lived along the jhonson river but there were many colanies of aborignal people

aboriginal people invent the canoe at midday

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