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it depends there are 3 in the united states. western bluebird,eastern bluebird,and mountain bluebird. hope i helped

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What habitat do bluebird's live in?

blue bird is my favorite bird.

Is a blue heron a fish or a bird?

Its a bird. They live in the wetlands :)

Were do blue tits live?

The blue tit is a bird of Europe.

Where does the blue jay bird live?


Where do blue footed bird live?

Galapagos island

What are the names of the Birds that live in the Amazon Rainforest?

toucan and red bird blue bird

What kind of birds live in the rocky mountains?

blue bird.

Why is a blue bird blue?

its just a bird which is blue

How long does a blue pardise bird live?

Most of them live up to 18 years or more it

What animals are carnivores live in the tropical rainforest?

lions, cranes, blue birds, shilibendon bird, and a cordonrail bird

Live in Illinois and have been seeing a small bird that is cobalt blue with a dark blue or black head.?

This bird you have been seeing is a blue jay! (If not that it is a white-breasted nuthatch) Happy to help!

What is a blue bird of paradise?

The Blue Bird of Paradise is a Bird of Paradise. There are about 42 Bird of Paradise species, the Blue Bird of Paradise being one of them.

What bird is all blue in color?

A blue tit and a blue bird

What is the temperature for a blue crowned bird to live in?

90 degree room temprater

Where does the blue bird live in gatama atoll in Endless ocean blue world?

It would be on F5 onyour map

When was Blue Bird Mini Bird created?

Blue Bird Mini Bird was created in 1977.

When was Blue Bird Micro Bird created?

Blue Bird Micro Bird was created in 1975.

What is bird with blue on its wings called?

a blue jay or aka blue bird

What is the Japanese word for Blue-bird?

There isn't one, but you can literally say "blue bird" by combining blue "aoi" and bird "tori" together.

Were do blue jays live?

The blue jay is a familiar bird of forests, lawns, and parks across much of North America.

Where does the blue bird live in Antarctica in Endless Ocean Blue World?

When there is a blizzard, go to the North east shore and it is by your backpack.

Compound word bird with blue feathers?

blue bird

What kind of bird lay blue egg?

A blue bird

What is compound word for bird with blue feathers?

blue bird,

What logo is a blue bird?

Twitter has a blue bird as its logo.

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