Dolphins and Porpoises

Where do bottlednose dolphins live?

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What are bottlednose dolphins?

They are just a type of dolphin. They are very popular. Those are the ones you usually see.

Do dolphins live in Vancouver?

dolphins live in the ocean.

Where Do Dolphins Live In Florida?

Where in Florida do dolphins live

Do dolphins live in streams?

no. dolphins live in the sea.

Where the dolphins live?

dolphins are highly intelligent,,, dolphins live mostly in the ocean in the shallow water,, they can live in any ocean around the would. but some dolphins live in rivers

Can people live with dolphins?

No, people cannot live with dolphins. Dolphins have to live in the water and people need to live on land and breathe air.

What country's do dolphins live in?

Dolphins don't live in a country, they live in the sea.

Do dolphins live in lakes?

Dolphins do not usually live in lakes. However, there are river dolphins found in Asia and South America. I do not think dolphins can live in lakes.

Do dolphins live in the sea?

Yes, dolphins live in the sea.

Does a dolphins live by itself?

No dolphins live in big familys

What country do dolphins live?

Dolphins do not typically live in a specific country. The only dolphins that live in countries are the ones in zoos.

What lives with dolphins?

Since dolphins live in the sea, sea creatures that God created live with dolphins.

Where is a common dolphins environment?

some dolphins live in the river (river dolphins) and some live in the ocean

Where do maui dolphins live?

These dolphins live in north New Zealand.

What part of the ocean do dolphins live?

Dolphins live in every ocean.

Do dolphins live in rivers?

Some dolphins live in the Amazon River.

What zone of ocean do dolphins live in?

Dolphins live in the oceanic zone

Were do the dusky dolphins live?

Dusky dolphins live in Inshore waters.

Where do the baiji dolphins live?

The baiji dolphins live in martina's house

Where live the dolphins?

Dolphins live the ocean, and sometimes the Sea World.

What ecosystem dolphins live?

the eco system dolphins live in is the ocean

How long do dolphins live for in the wild?

Dolphins in the wild can live for about 40 to about 70 years. The smaller dolphins like the Bottlenose dolphins live about 40 years while the orcas live closer to 70 years.

What is the climate for dolphins?

The climate where dolphins live are are wet and warm. Some dolphins live in oceans and rivers and the seas.

Do dolphins live in a river?

Some dolphins live in the Amazon River, but most live in oceans.

Do dolphins live in the sunlight zone?

no they live in the midnight zone

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