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What country did green beans come from?

Green beans come from kenya

What country does green beans come from?

Green beans come from Kenya

Where beans come from?

Beans can come from a bush or a vine. It depends on the variety. And yes they do come from pods. Sometimes we eat the whole pod, as with green beans, and sometimes we eat just the bean, like Lima beans.

What country did green beans and bacon come from?

The meal green beans and bacon has many different spins on it. One of them is the country style green beans and bacon. This meal is made to fill up a person or comfort them. There are green beans, bacon, and potatoes in the country style dish.

How many growing seasons for green beans?

Green beans are a catchall name for variety of pole and bush beans that happen to be green (they do come in other colors). Pole and bush beans are planted after the last Spring frost and depending on the variety can be harvested in about 60 days.

Where does Green Mountain come from?

Green Mountain pride themselves on the quality of the beans and their location. Their coffee beans are purchased from locations in two places, Mexico and Tanzania.

What dry beans come from green beans?

Dry beans are the seed inside a bean pod. Some varieties referred to as shell beans are grown specifically from Dry Bush bean varieties for the large edible seeds. Note: not all beans are green, they come in varying colors and patterns.http://www.thegutsygourmet.net/post-bean.jpg

Are green beans a bean?

Answer - Green beans are unripe bean pods. When you eat green beans, you are eating beans, but they are still in the pod.

What does a green bean plant look like?

it has leaves and is green n stuff. beans come off it.

Are green beans a fruit?

Green Beans are not a fruit

Why are green beans green?

Green beans are green because they were made that way. They are plants.

Are beans actually green?

The beans in green beans are usually white or a brownish color. The pod, or hull is green.

Where did green beans come from?

On a farm or in a home garden during the summer months.

How do you string green beans?

You don't string green beans. Unless you want to for some strange reason. But there are many kinds of green beans. 'String green beans' is the name of a common type of green bean.

Why are Green Beans Monocot?

Green beans, like all beans, are dicots. They have two cotyledons.

How many ounces are in a gallon can of green beans?

There are 128 ounces in a gallon can of green beans. This is the largest size can of green beans sold.

Where in the world do green beans grow?

were do green beans grow in the world

How much protein is in green beans?

There are 1.5g of protein in green beans.

How many chromosomes do green beans have?

there are 45 chromosomes in green beans

Is green beans fruit or vegetable?

Green beans are considered a vegetable.

Are green beans a veggie?

Yes, green beans are considered vegetables.

What country does green coffee come from?

Several countries along the coffee belt. They all produce green coffee beans.

Are green beans poisonous like kidney beans are?

Nope. I eat green beans all the time

Is green beans in the bean category?

Green beans are unripe bean pods. When you eat green beans, you are eating beans, but they are still in the pod. EXACTLY u r still eating yummy beans! in a pod with the beans concealed inside!

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