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Where do clouds come from?


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They are formed by air containing invisible water vapour to rise and then cool at its dew point. This is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated. As the water cools the air looses its capacity to hold the water and this condenses into clouds. The water then becomes heavy enough to fall to Earth under gravity


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Thunderstorms can come from cirrus clouds. Large numbers of cirrus clouds is a sign that a frontal system is approaching the area.

yes but only certain clouds, not all clouds make rain

Full moons are often obscured by clouds.

Yes. Tornadoes form from the clouds of a thunderstorm.

Where the Clouds Come From - 1918 was released on: USA: 10 April 1918

They don't. The rain clouds naturally come to the forests based on geography and meteorology. The clouds would come to the same location whether the forest was there or not.

Yes it does as it is rain held in clouds before it reaches us.

because it forms a black cloud and that is why rain com from clouds

Small white Clouds come before a snowstorm

Clouds come in various sizes, and can be as much as thousands of miles long.

No. Cumulus clouds are the fairly small, puffy white clouds that usually come with nice weather. Cumulonimbus clouds are enormous towering clouds often called thunderheads as it is these clouds that become thunderstorms.

There are no clouds near Pluto. Pluto does have neighbors in the kuiper belt, but no clouds to speak of. On Earth, however, there may be clouds that obstruct the view or come close to our view of Pluto.

Nope, but they can come from Cumulonimbus clouds, which are the same clouds that produce thunder and lightning. See the link below for a picture of what they look like.

No. Water vapor comes from bodies of water and the ground. It condenses to form clouds.

cumulonimbus clouds the same clouds are associated with tornados thunderstorms and most severe weather

clouds come from water evaporation that turns into water vapor therefore making a floating object in the sky

because the clouds are practicaly made from water and once that builds up it has to fall making...rain.

Lightning is the massive discharge of static energy that is built up in the clouds.

cucmulis clouds are puffy and quite high in the sky and do not come very low. cumulus clouds can bring heavy storms and lightning and thunder.

Clouds that include the term "nimbus" tend to be the ones that come with moderate precipitation and storms. These clouds tend to be fluffy with dark gray bottoms.

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