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Greece, Germany, China, India, Russia, Japan, Scandinavia, the British Isles, the Middle East, North America, Central America, South America, etc.

In other words, just about everywhere.

Conifers are simply cone-bearing trees. They include pines, cedars, junipers (which are excellent for Bonsai), cypress and yews.

You will need to be a lot more specific if you need a more precise answer. Sorry.

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Q: Where do conifers grow?
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Related questions

When do conifers grow?

conifers grow cones

Do conifers grow in the Philippines?

Conifers do grow in the Philippines. Conifers are trees that can grow in most areas such as mountain areas, tropical and in lower elevations.

What do conifers grow in?


How are conifers made?

conifers are made by seeds that are put in soil the they have sun and water and GROW!

Where do conifers grow in England?


Conifers are plants that grow flowers true or false?

the answer is false because conifers bear cones only

Conifers are plants that grow flowers?


What biome does conifers grow?

decidouos forest

Does mistletoe grow on deciduous or conifers?


Where a conifers mostly found?

Conifers are evergreens, pine trees. They are found wherever trees grow in general, but further north (or south) than deciduous trees can grow.

What kind of tree grow pine cones?


Are conifers small or big?

they can grow very tall

Do conifers grow flowers?

false they produce cones

Why does no grass grow amongst the conifers?

Conifers are acid loving plants. They tend to make the the soil around them very acidic and turf grasses do not grow very well (if at all) in acidic soil.

Where do conifers grow in North America?

almost everywhere in the world

What type trees grow in the taiga?

deciduous trees, and conifers

What is the difference between conifers to broad leaves?

The trees they grow from grow in two completely different places .

How do conifers make the soil they grow in too acidic for other plants to grow?

q Conifers make the soil they grow in too acidic for other plants too grow because when they let their needles die and fall to the soil, those needles have acidic substances so it goes into the soil making other plants not grow

What is 2 reasons why Big Plants Grow Under Conifers?

there big

Is it safe to grow conifers beside your house?

Conifers are plants like pine trees etc.These trees grow to quite a large height so it depends on how close to your house it is. I would advise not to plant it within 5meters of your house

Why can conifers grow at so amazing heights?

por que si pendejo

Where do conifers usually grow?

Conifers can grow in almost any habitat. Most of the time when people think of conifers they think of evergreen, needle-leaf, coniferous trees like pines, spruces, and hemlocks. These are very common at high latitudes in boreal forests, but some species do equally well and are not at all uncommon in southern ranges. Some grow well on the coasts like the Pinelands of coastal New Jersey. Some grow best in swamps like Atlantic white cedars. Two places you would not expect to see an abundance of conifers is in tropical regions or any place where woody plants are not common such as grasslands or deserts.

What environment does a conifer grow in?

conifers are well suited to drought-prone, cold, or unpredictable environments;)

What are the characteristics of conifers?

Conifers are any type of plant that bears cones such as the pine. and tend to grow in cold places They are cone-bearing seed plants with vascular tissue.

What kinds of trees grow in cold forest?

Typically conifers... cone bearing trees, such as pine trees.