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Most receive their name from the location where the council is held, such as the council of Trent, Vatican Council, etc.

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Q: Where do councils in the Church get their names?
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Where do councils get their name?

Religious councils get their names from the Pope.

Where do religious councils get their names?

They get their names from the religious leaders.

Do councils get their name from the pope at that the time the council is held?

No, councils receive their names from the places where they were held.

How many union councils are there in sahiwal Names of union councils and their nazims?

how much union concil sahiwal

How did the Council of Trent deal with the relative authority of popes and councils within the Church?

Below is a list of the sessions of the Council of Trent and the decrees that they issued. There was no decree issued on the relative authority of popes and councils with the Church.

What has the author Norman P Tanner written?

Norman P. Tanner has written: 'The Church in the later Middle Ages' 'Kent Heresy Proceedings 1511-1512' 'The church in late medieval Norwich, 1370-1532' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Church history, History, Religious life and customs 'Was the church too democratic?' -- subject(s): Ecumenical Councils and synods, History 'Is the Church too Asian?' -- subject(s): Ecumenical Councils and synods, History 'The church in council' -- subject(s): History, Ecumenical Councils and synods, Church history

How many Church Councils has there been since 1545-1563?

too many... and not enough...

Why or what do you think is the relevance of the Councils to the Church?

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How many Ecumenical Councils have there been in the Catholic Church?

There have been 21 Councils so far, the most recent being Vatican II which was held 1962-1965.

What has the author Ambrose N Blatchford written?

Ambrose N. Blatchford has written: 'Ministry in song' 'Church councils and their decrees' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Councils and synods

What has the author A V Kartashev written?

A. V. Kartashev has written: 'Vselenskie sobory' -- subject(s): Church history, Councils and synods, Ecumenical, Ecumenical Councils and synods, History

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