Where do eagl's live?

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North America, from Alaska to Northern Mexico, wherever there are large bodies of water.

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2021-10-30 16:38:20
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On mountain tops and places far from humans and other dangers and predators.

Eagles are found on hills, dead trees,quite streets etc so they are away fro danger and predators

Eagles of one species or another live worldwide. They are found in wild places,rarely venturing near man.

On a topmost of a tree when now one reaches it the height 100ft+, Tropical rainforests,near a sea where there is sea eagles to hunt fish for food,Temperate rainforests, mostly worldwide where there is trees, foods and water


Generally tha name of the place where an Eagle will live is called an "eyrie".
The Bald Eagle can be found in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Most live near bodies of water in the state of Alaska and in Canada.

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Q: Where do eagl's live?
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