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Where do eubacteria live?

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Eubacteria are found in every habitat on Earth.

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unlike archaebacteria that live in extreme environments, eubacteria live elsewhere

Eubacteria are exclusivley unicellular, but they can live in colonies.

Eubacteria live in extreme environments. archaebacteria live everywhere else.

Chlamydia is a eubacteria. Most bacteria are eubacteria unless the bacteria live in extreme environments.

Eubacteria are unicellular, microscopic and can live nearly anywhere.

Eubacteria, is the larger of the two kingdoms of prokaryotes. They live almost everywhere, including in the water, on the land and within the human body.

Arcaebacteria can live in extreme conditions such as inside your body or in the depths of the ocean. Eubacteria live in or on organisms. Both can be autotrophic or heterotrophic. Both can be harmful or helpful.

It typically lives for 12 years

yes they do need oxygen to live. :)

Eubacteria live in almost every habitat you can think of. They're found on land, in the water and even on and in the human body. In the body, they help with the digestion of the food we eat.

well if you mean by distinguish as diff rent archaebacteria can live in extreme environment and it is an ancient bacteria but eubacteria cant live in extreme environment but it can live in food , air , and also in living things .

monera was divided by two: EUBACTERIA-live in everywhere. ARCHAEBACTERIA-live in a extreme places. by DOREEN ROSE

Eubacteria are prokaryotic. They also have a complex metabolism. They cannot live in harsh, or ever-changing environments. They are unicellular organisms, and they are the most common form of bacteria in the world. Some eubacteria are autotrophs while others are heterotrophs.

What does eubacteria eat

No, eubacteria are prokaryotes.

umm... there archaebacteria, Eubacteria, protists, funji, plants, and animalsBye

Anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobes. Can be of eubacteria or archaea.

Eubacteria are prokaryotic.

Eubacteria is in fact prokaryotic.

Yes, Eubacteria are prokaryotes.

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