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Giant squid primarily live in deep ocean trenches.

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Giant squids live in all oceans except the Arctic Ocean. Many scientist believe that giant squid like to live in cold water and could actually suffocate in warm water. They tend to live about 5,500 meters below the surface. They live in deep ocean trenches.

The habitat for both giant squids & small squids is mainly in the ocean, because that is where they get their food from, & that is where they are able to live.

Glass squids stay between the surface and midwater depths of open oceans.

the sharks are attracted by trenches which go to edges of ocean and bite holes in the ocean floor

Giant squid are found any place in the World Ocean where the temperature and other conditions are favorable.

Squids live in all of the oceans of the world. Different types of squids live at different depths of whichever ocean they inhabit.

Gar are ray-finned fish which live in oceans.Giant squids can also be found in oceans.Grouper is another fish.Gulls are birds which frequent oceans.

They seem to live in deep ocean waters.

What squids do is this they spray there blue ink so they make the ocean blue

Giant Squids typically live in deep ocean. There has never been a major oil spill in the deep deep ocean. If there were one, if the oil spill was big enough, it would be expected that even the giant squid would die.

no giant squids never travel in groups

Sharks, Blue Marlins, Baracudas, and Giant Squids

No, most ocean trenches (Japan, Mariana, Tonga, South Sandwich, Puerto Rico) are located along the margins of the oceans.

Giant Squids are invertabrates, or animals whom have a backbone. They are also part of the cephalopods family. Squids live deep in the ocean and don't come up to the shallower parts a lot.

The giant squid is not exstinct, there are numerous foundings in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean of squids. They are believed to be dead because the species are difficult to spot, therefore people assume the species is exstinct.

Giant squid are deep ocean dwelling squid in the Architeuthidae family. Female squids can grow up to 43 feet, while male squids can grown up to 33 feet.

By the oceanic trenches, causing erosion, earthquakes, etc. It can decrease or increase the depth of the ocean.

well you see that in movies, but its not true. giant squids live too deep down in the ocean for them to catch you with their tentacle's.

At the top of the ocean, or Sunlit, It is warmer because the top of the ocean the sun is closer then it is to the twilight,dark,abyss, and trenches zone. At the bottom of the ocean, or Trenches, It is colder because the sun can not reach that low in the ocean better then it can the Sunlit zone.

The ocean that has the most trenches is the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean has many trenches on both sides.

sperm whales really do eat giant squid. they dive down to the bottom of the ocean and hunt the squid.

Yes there is... it is made up of the 7 oceans to form 1 huge ocean

there are three ocean trenches in the Atlantic Ocean

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