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the atmosphere

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Where does the octupus live?

The octupus lives in the ocean.

Do octupus live together?

octupuses dont live together they dont live in groups

What animals live in the water?

Fish,turtles,octupus,and squids.

Why don't octupus live in rock pools?

Rock pools are too shallow for them to live in. :)

What is the habitat of octupus?

octapus usually live in rocks ,coral,or barows.

Is calamari octupus?

Calamari is squid, not octupus.

Why is octupus called an octupus?

octupus is of greek origin.. it actually means that this creature has eight legs

Is it true that octupus only live for 5 years?

deepened what octopussy your talking about.

How many hearts octupus?

An Octupus Has 3 Hearts!

Are octupus mammals?

No an Octupus isn't a mammal, it is a cephalopod.

How many hearts does an octupus have?

An Octupus Has 3 Hearts

Do humans eat octupus?

Humans donot eat only octupus. It is a seafood. humans eat seafood and animals who live onland as well. Answered from Barcelona, Spain. Thanks, Olivia

What animlas live in the ocean?

fish, shark, squid, octupus, jellyfish, whale, eel, seahorse.

What covering does a octupus have?

An octupus has slimy skin that protects it from any sharp rocks.

Why does octupus ink people?

because octupus don`t want you near them

Why was the Southern Pacific Railroad called The octupus?

Because it smells like octupus in that place and had long roads full of holrd, just like the octupus tenticules...

What are the similarities between a whale and an octupus?

A: The similarities between these two creatures is that they both live under water!

Which has more tentacles an octupus or squid?

Squid has 10, Octupus has 8. :) so Squid

What does an octopus get eaten by?

octupus aren't eaten by anything because Chuck Norris allows them to live. Although they have predators, (such as the Rebels) the octupus uses the force to repell them. If the event occurs that the forces strength dosn't work, the octupus then draws his lightsaber for an epic duel with the Rebels. And then they continue thier quest to find Princess Leia.

Is an octupus a vertebrate?

no it is not

Is there an octupus in the wetlands?


Does an octupus have backbones?

No, it does not.

Which is bigger the giant octupus or the giant squid?

a giant squid is bigger then a giant octupus i agree

Is the octupus in the intertidal merictic or the oceanic zone?

Octupuses are in the oceanic zone. Octupuses live in the deepest parts of the ocean.

What are similarities between squid and octopuses?

The similarities between an octupus and a squid is that they both have tenticals and both live in water.