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In a Gym.

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Q: Where do people usually exercise?
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Can I purchase video of TV exercise show from Utah or Colorado about 20 years ago showing 3 levels of exercise at once?

no, usually people don't care, why would you?

How do people implement exercise into their daily lives?

Most people implement exercise into their daily lives by joining a gym. Usually after paying gym fees one feels like they have to get their money's worth and will make time to go.

What is areobic exercise?

Exercise that usually requires a heavy use of oxygen

How many people exercise naked?

I am not sure how many people exercise naked. Most people that exercise naked stay in their home where it is private.

Why is swimming a exercise?

Because you have to move around. Usually any physical movement is exercise.

What are symptoms of restrictive cardiomyopathy?

People with restrictive cardiomyopathy usually feel tired and weak, and have shortness of breath, especially during exercise.

How many people do exercise?

49% people in the USA exercise and it is scientifically proven. (: (: (: :) :) :)

How do people exercise?

people exercise by taking part in sport or just getting physically active

How people exercise?

people exercise by taking part in sport or just getting physically active

What effect does resistance exercise have on muscle mass?

Resistance exercise exerts particular muscles, and as a response, the muscles hypertrophy, causing them to grow larger and increase their work capacity.

What types of exercise should people in space do?

walking exercise

What is type of exercise?

Hi! Swimming is a great cardio exercise. You can lose and lot of weight and gain muscle in its place. Many people do cross-training as well, meaning that outside of swimming they usually go to the gym or lift weights. Swimming is a wonderful exercise for the body. Thanks,