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Shetland ponies come from the Shetland Aisles in the northern part of Scotland.

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Every where on the world!

Well, Shetland Ponies originated in the Shetland Isles, and they are still found in the U.K. (United Kingdom).

gestation period of shetland pony is 48 to 49 weeks.

Shetland ponys come in all sorts of colours, like black, brown, white, brown and white, black and white, black and brown.

No it is not a pony it is a breed of miniature horse. It is bred from Shetland ponys, Welsh Ponys and small Thoroughbreds.

the same as a normal horse but in smaller quantities.

They can pull a full grown human.

It wouldn't be the wisest thing to do! Ponys like large open areas and enjoy company of other ponys.

Yes they are wonderful children pets

shetland pony is a very old breed but the ancestors are uknown. Most likely they are closely reletated to the ponys from scandanvië

Ponys can live from 25-50 years Shetland ponies usually live up to about 25 - 30 depending on how well you treat it Shetland ponies usually live up to about 25 - 30 depending on how well you treat it

Shetland Pony's are rough little pony's that don't require allot of space. A normal horse needs about 50M2 of pasture and a shetland only 30. They don't like stables very much. So they are usually outside.

Shetland Ponies come from The Shetland Isles in the North Sea, just above and to the east of Scotland, in the UK.

Sure! Some Shetland pony's even like French fry's! It won't hurt them to have potatos, but they should not only have that.

In the Shetland Islands! That is where Shetland Ponies come from.

ponys dream wont come true because he lives in a gangfull town aand his bros wont let him move

Shetland ponies, like all equine typically can only have one foal at a time, however they can have twins and triplets. Multiple births in equines are quite rare and can cause problems with both the mare and the foals.

Shetland Ponys are valued between 100 and 1000 pounds (UK Currency) for Filly's and Mares are valued between 300 and 2500 pounds (UK Currency). These prices will always be based on breeding, coloring, ect.

1 Shetland minturature pony mix, 2 thoroughbred quarter horses mixes ,1 thoroughbred and ,1 quarter horse, i have a arabianXwelsh large pony

The original Shetland pony was isolated on the Shetland islands (north Scotland). Poor conditions and lack of food resulted in small, compact, hardy and heavy coated pony. Shetlands are now distributedthroughout most of the world and have been modified from their original stocky physiques into several different subtypes that vary in size, bone and movement.

The aren't three main breeds of horses, although horses like shetland ponies, Arabs and thouroughbreds are more common than falabellas or hackneys. Arabians,Thoroughbreds,American Paints,Shetland Ponys,and American Quarter horses are the most common in the U.S.

From the Isles of Shetland ( just off the British mainland). the answer that someone put above is somewhat true but from what i know they are from the "shetland" islands. and that is why they are called "shetland" sheep dogs. hope that helps! peace, love, and be happy!

The Shetland Islands, 75 miles north of the Antarctic peninsula is a cold, harsh place to live. To survive in this extreme climate the Shetland Pony, native to the area, evolved smaller, hardier and most definitely hairier, to be able to live in such a place. A pony's smaller body requires much less food than an average size horse that weighs around 1000 lbs.

Ring around the ponys pockets full of ponys

Unknown its a very old breed