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Where do snails lay eggs?


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Snails bury their eggs 2 inch in the soil.But if your soil is less then a inch high then your Snails will be encourage not to get pregnant or lay eggs

They do not just lay eggs in soil they can lay eggs on rocks,lilypads,even seaweed,so if their already pregnant they will not care where, just as long as their layed.


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Most snails lay eggs once or twice in a week. There are different types of snails which means that the frequency of laying eggs will differ.

When snails lay eggs they are acting out the natural process of reproduction.

Snails do reproduce. They lay eggs.

Most land snails lay eggs, but some land snails are viviparous i.e., they give birth to live young.

They lay eggs. Snails are hermaphrodite, meaning they are both sexes at once. So both the snails lay eggs after they mate, not just one of them.

Hatched. Snails lay eggs.

It depends on the type of snail. Maybe 30 to 20 eggs depends on the tip of the snail. Snails that lay their eggs in aquarium's tend to give birth from 200 to 300 eggs. Snails can only lay 2 at a time. Hermaphroditic snails lay about 80 eggs 6 times a year. Most land snails lay 40 to 60 eggs (according to some authors even 100). Well that's all I know about how many eggs a snail lays a year! :)

pond snails are both girl and boy, so in order to lay eggs, they mate WITH THEIR SELVES and then they lay the eggs in a "jelly like mass" and in about three to four weeks, the eggs hatch

they lay tiny eggs but its a daay later when they hatch

Yes they do, some species also give birth to live young. Most snails lay eggs, some in and out of water.

There is no such thing as a male or female snail, they are Asexual. That means they are all hermaphrodites and when they mate both snails lay eggs.

Water snails lay their eggs either under the water in a gelatinous sac, or just above the water in a soft clutch of moist eggs.

They Lay There Eggs Just after a few days of begging pregnancy. Remember they can lay up to 200 eggs.

Snails are hermaphrodites and so when they mate, they each fertilize eggs in the other, and and so both of them will deliver eggs.

Snails lay eggs in the same manner as most creatures in that they come out of an opening in the hind end, they lay the eggs in sticky blobs that sticks to plants or stones and in a fishtank can often be seen on the glass.

They can lay around 20-30 eggs, sometimes more.

they lay about 80 eggs up to 6 times a year

Snails lay the eggs on plants or any other vegetation they can find.

snails are neither male or female they are both

They probaly lay jelly-covered eggs.

The amount of eggs a snail can lay depends on the species. Some lay only dozens, while others can lay 10,000!

When snails have mated ( they go on backs) it takes about a month for them to lay the eggs. But it takes another month for them to be just visible, so don't chuck them out by accident!

They can lay up to 100 eggs.

Im pretty sure from my experience with slug eggs that snails don't lay eggs when they're unfertilized. They only lay if they've mated and the eggs are fertilized, otherwise (again I know this from slugs, not snails, I could be wrong) they wouldn't lay any in the first place.

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