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Where do snails like to live?

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near corners of your garden and also damp places.

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What do snails live on?

snails mostly live on vegetables like lettuce.

What places do snails like to live in?

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Where do garden snails like to live?

garden snail live in gardens.

Can African snails live in dark?

no, they live in light constantly like me

Can land snails live underwater?

Land snails cannot live underwater as they need to breathe air like any other land animal. This is true despite the similarities between land snails and water snails.

Do snails live in groups or families?

although snails can live alone, it is best to keep them in groups because they like company, and will be happier with others.

What area in the world can snails be found?

snails live almost anywhere. except for Antarctica and places like that.

Where do land snails live?

Land snails live in ditches.

What is the difference between land snails and pond snails?

Snails that live in the pond don't really interact with other snails,but snails that live on land live with each other very well

Why do sea snails live in tide pools?

because they like to

Do snails like really dark places?

Yes. Most land snails live in dark, moist places.

Can snails live in water?

water snails but not regular snails

Where do most snails live?

Snails live in many different habitats. Snails live in gardens, deserts, mountains, and by the water. Snails can be found anywhere. People just do not look for them.

How are Snails adapted to live in damp places?

why do snails live in damp places?=How do snails carry there shell on there back?=

What kind of places to snails live in?

they like to live in gardens, ponds,and oceans. and moist places

Can snails live under water?

Yes, there are snails that live in the water and some that live out of water.

Can garden snails live in a pond?

NO! Garden snails live oxegyn, just like us. However, if you are interested in keeping them you need to have a decent container and spray them daily!

What is the average lifespan of a snail?

snails usaly live for a few years due to predetors like birds and hedgehogs but if lucky snails can live for over 100 years

How long can I exspect my snails to live for?

they live for quite a few years snails are so cute i collect them about 3-4 years. If you take good care of them they might live to 5 depending on the environment around them. I have snails at home, so I know how they are like.

Where do garden snails live?

Garden snails live, as their name says, in the garden.

How old can snails live up to?

snails can live for up to 10 years.

What is the type of water apple snails live in?

Apple snails live in freshwater.

What layer of the rainforest do tree snails live in?

tree snails live i the canopy

Are land snails the same as ocean snails?

no land snails haft to live on land such as dirt and grass.but an ocean snail needs to live water to live.

Do all mollusks live in water?

No. They do not. Some molluscs, like snails and slugs, live on land, and some, like squids and octopus, live in water.