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they don't

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What is a sea sponges role in the food chain?

poop thats it thank you

Do sea sponges poop?

Not in the traditional sense, no. Sea sponges do not have digestive systems. Instead, they rely on the flow of the water they inhabit to obtain nourishment and to rid them of wastes.

How do sponges differ from other animals?

Sponges lack a true body cavity.Sponges exhibit radial symmetry.Sponges lack true tissues.Sponges are autotrophs.Sponges have a true coelom.-@leilooni

What are the predators of sponges are?

Sponges do not have any predators because nothing eats sponges

Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

Do sponges have symmetry?

Sponges have asymmetry.

Do sponges have unicellular in them?

no sponges are not unicellular.

Are sponges carnivorous?

No sponges are not living

Are sponges parasitic?

No, sponges are not parasitic.

Do sponges have bones?

no sponges do not have bones

Are sponges arthropods?

No, sponges are not arthropods.

What behaviors do sponges inherit?

What kind of behaviors do sponges inherit sponges inherit behaviors such as courtship, having baby sponges, and the features of the parents

Do sponges Hibernate?

To answer your question no sponges do not hibernate

Do sponges have pores?

yea, sponges do have pores

Do sponges have organs?

Yes sponges have organs.

Are sponges autotrophic?

No. Sponges are animals, which are heterotrophic.

Do sponges feel pain?

No. Sponges do not have neurons.

Do sponges have cells?

If you're talking about kitchen sponges, they do not have cells. However, sea sponges have cells.

What are the different types of canal system in porifera?

Asconoid Sponges.Synconoid SpongesLeuconoid Sponges

What are kitchen sponges made of?

Most kitchen sponges are usually made of cellulose wood fibers or foamed plastic polymers. Sometimes you can buy natural sponges, but they are used as body sponges or painting sponges.

Who made the first quad?

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Where do sponges live?

Sponges live in saltwater lakes, sea, and oceans. Some sponges live in freshwater.

What are some types of sponges?

porifera are also called sponges some of the sponges are euplectelia spongilla and sycon

What do humans have in common with living sponges?

There skin. The SKIN is made up of sponges and Dust Mites are on the sponges

Which type of organism developed first vertebrates or chordates or sponges or Deuterostomes?

sponges -apex

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