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They do not appear anywhere until you catch/defeat Palkia. After that they are in their caves.

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Lake spirits on lake Pokemon?

If you are asking as to why they are not there, it is because you probably haven't defeated Team Galactic on top of Mt. Coronet, they will appear at the lakes after you do. *this is for Pokemon pearl, diamond, or platinum*

Is Pokemon lake free?

yes Pokemon lake is free you don't need to download it

Where is trust lake in Pokemon Diamond?

srry there isn't a trust lake in Pokemon diamond nor Pokemon pearl.

Where do you get aself in Pokemon pearl?

Lake Valor

How do you get a wobbefet in Pokemon pearl?

lake valor,lake verity,lake aciety pokerader

Where are the three lakes on Pokemon Pearl?

Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, and Lake Verity

Is there any bonus for catching the three lake spirits on Pokemon?

Probably not.

On Pokemon pearl when lake varity explodes what do you do?

You go to the lake and battle Cyrus.

Where is aspiration lake in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is none.

Were can you find mesprit in Pokemon pearl?

your home lake

What is the Pokémon that was in the lake?

at the start of Pokemon pearl and diamond when you watch the tv and theres a program about a lake the Pokemon in the lake the Pokemon is the red garydos all so on Pokemon platuim Cyrus talks to mesprit at the lake

Pokemon Platinum how to get teddy ursa?

If you have Pokemon Emerald in your GBA Slot (this also works for Pokemon Pearl and Diamond) Pokemon Platinum- Route 217, Lake Acuity Pokemon Diamond & Pearl- Route 217, Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity

How do you get to Lake acuity Pokemon pearl?

Go to the place it is on the map

Where is the fourth lake in Pokemon pearl?

It is located in the Spring Path........

How do unlock acuity lake on Pokemon pearl?

Catch palkia

In Pokemon peril how do you get to the lake?

say pearl right you idiot

Where can you get a lickytounge in pokemon pearl?

You can find it a swarm in Lake Valor

Where is Spear Pillar in Pokemon Lake?

in dimend pearl and plantnim

Where is the Grand Lake hotel in Pokemon pearl?

valor lakefront

Where is profrowan after the exploisen on pokemon pearl?

He would be at Lake Verity.

How do you reach Lake Acuity in Pokemon sapphire?

you cant. Only in Pokemon diamond and pearl

What are all the legendarypokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

heatran, palkia,all the lake pokemon, shamin

How do get Tommy at valor lake on Pokemon pearl?

you use your strongest pokemon and lots of potions

Where to find wobefet on Pokemon pearl?

Near Lake Verity, Lake Acuity and Lake Valor, using the PokéRadar.

Where is Grand Lake in Pokemon Diamond pearl?

There are no 'Grand Lakes' in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but there are the three lakes that have Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf.

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