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Why do you wear clothes?

Well You wear Clothes To protect all of your outside body parts. Also It Hides personal things People wear clothing for many different reasons; among them are modesty, warmth, protection, fashion because if we didnt wear clothes you would be going around half naked.

Why wear clothes?

Well to be honest, it's actually a heracy to wear them. The Bible says, "Let those without shame not cover thyselves..." Therefore, don't wear clothes, I like to feel the breeze on my nether regions anyhow. Sincerely, Love, Lots, Adrienne of the Woodland Realm

What did the Navajo wear for clothing?

The clothing for Navajo women were skirts made from woven yuccafiber. The men wore breechcloths. During the cooler months, bothmen and women wore cloaks of rabbit fur or deerskin ponchos andmoccasins.

What kinds of clothing did the Iroquois wear?

The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) mainly wore shirts, pants, leggings, robes, boots and capes. The men wore feathers in their hair and wore jewelry all over their bodies. Most of them wore a ring in their nostrils. The woman wore skirts, and robes mainly made out of deer skin. They wore moccasins as thei ( Full Answer )

What clothing did the Mayans wear?

Mayan men wore a strip of cloth around their hips and through thelegs while women wore long loose dresses up to the ankle. Due tohot climates, these dresses were made of hand woven cotton andother fabrics. Mayans who belonged to the rich communities worejewelries,ornaments and other decorative shell ( Full Answer )

What kind of clothes did Egyptians wear?

Egyptians Wore Wool Of Animals That The Caught And Ate The Meat And They Kept The Wool And The Woman Sewed It With The Vains Of The Animal

What kind of clothes do Norwegians wear?

Norwegians wear the same as you would wear in the western countries. they wear special knitted sweaters that are different from ours

What kind of clothes do astronauts wear?

J-Wear is a line of clothing designed for use by astronauts during space missions. It includes underwear, shirts, pants and socks. The clothing is anti-bacterial, water-absorbent, odor-eliminating, antistatic, and flame retardant. Its made from cotton and polyester, and is seamless

What type of clothing do they wear in China?

Today, people in China dress very similar to current trends that you would find people wearing in Europe and North America. You wouldn't be able to see much of a difference between fashion trends among an American teen and a Chinese teen. For formal events, cheongsams and qipaos are common for women ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did the Cherokee wear?

Cherokee men and boys wore breechcloths and leggings. Cherokee women and girls wore wraparound skirts and ponco-style blouses. All Cherokee wore moccasins on their feet.

What do Orthodox Jews wear as clothing?

Modest clothing. It really depends on the local climate and the time of year, but most Jews wear some form of underwear, shirts or dresses, trousers or skirts, and shoes. In the cooler and more temperate climates, these are often supplemented with sweaters, jackets, and socks. It is this qua ( Full Answer )

What clothing do Israelis wear?

Israelis live in a very warm climate, with mild winters...similar to that of San Fransisco. The typical Israeli will wear sandals, open-toed shirts, t-shirts usually very casual, colorful and comfortable peices of clothing. The more religious Jews in Israel wear suits and Kippahs, while religiou ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to wear clothes?

Answer Clothes first came into use by humans as a protection from the heat and cold. The type of climate of a people determined the type of clothing devised. As societies evolved, the clothing became more sophisticated and style and design also evolved. Most creatures in nature have some kind of pr ( Full Answer )

What did the plain Indians wear for clothes clothes?

Every tribe was different and clothing changed over time, particularly when trade cloth and ready-made clothes became available from traders. In general, men and boys were considered fully dressed in just moccasins and a breechclout which was of soft-tanned deerskin and had flaps of varying leng ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to wear cloths?

its because no one wants to be nake O.o do boys want to be naked not me O-o do girls want to be naked O.o NO! it will be nasty -_- so who ever made this question that im answering i noticing that you like girls.lol

Why did they wear clothing?

People first started wearing clothing for warmth. Later only the rich people could afford lots of clothing, so they did. This eventually turned into people buying the nicest, most expensive clothing out there.

What clothes did people wear in 1990?

A lot of poodle perms lol. And also MC Hammer pants aha. Alsotriangle cut tank tops. Maxi skirts. Big earring hoops.

What clothes would you wear on Neptune?

If you look at the common weather of Neptune you will find that it is 150 Centigrade, with winds ranging about 900 miles per hour near the equator. The human body could not handle this temperature nor the wind. So, basically it would not be possible for a human to be on Neptune and live no matter wh ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing do Christians wear?

For most Christians, they wear the same type of clothing that other people wear... they might wear more formal clothing to church, but on weekdays they wear regular clothes... jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, button-up shirts, or whatever is appropriate to the occasion.

What clothes do you wear for salsa dancing?

you can wear any clothes you want for your first few lessons thenyou may get a uniform/costume or you can wear black leggings and ared t shirt

What clothes to wear when skateboarding?

Any clothes that you want. i only skate in Levis 511 super skinny and tony hawk jeans because they are comfortable. You can wear any clothes that you want as long as your comforable

What clothing do people in azerbaijan wear?

? Didn't get the question. You are curious about national costume or regular clothing? People wear whatever they like... some prefer to follow fashion trends... some don't pay too much attention to it. All the same.

What do you wear when your style of clothes is rockish?

I'll make you a list - . Skinny jeans . checkered clothin, shoes, or acsessories . tight shirts and/or jackets . bullet, or studded belts . slip on shoes or conversus . rings, necklaces, peircings, braclets, tattoos . nail polish . make up Yeah that's about it Peace_Scene

What kind of clothes does the french wear?

french people wear black Capris`.black scarf They also wear an expensive scarf, purse, shoes, little make-up, and the simple clothes as mentioned.

What kind of clothing did serfs wear?

The type of clothing serfs wore and other lower class people was usually made of rough wool and linen. Serf women would wear spun wool into threading and wove cloth that turned into clothing for their families. Serfs had like one sets of clothing, or two at most. Serf men wore long shirts, and long ( Full Answer )

What clothes to wear in December?

Depend upon temprature of the local habitat allthough its winter in most of the part of the world so woollen clother are prefered.

What clothes did Cleopatra VII wear?

Cleopatra VII more than likely dressed in the Greek ladies chiton for everyday wear. For public and religious ceremonies she dressed as the goddess Isis, as she thought of herself as being the reincarnation of that goddess.

What clothes did the Irish girls wear?

the irish were normalclothes . the were stuff such as jeans , sweatersetc. . they pretty much wesar the same things asAmerica

What kind of clothing do they wear in Andorra?

Women wear flowered skirts and some types of shirts and men basically wear what Irish men wear but in general they wear western styled clothing! . Your Welcome

What color clothing do leprechauns wear?

Most often when the character of a leprechaun is seen, they will be wearing the colors green, white, and gold. These colors are also represented on St. Patrick's Day. green, white, gold, orange hair

Why doctor wear clothing doctor?

It keeps them clean from any fluids that may come from the patients they treat. It is white so that it's easy to spot where any fluids have spilled

Do boy's wear girl clothes?

If they want to. Might get teased a little. Might be mistaken for gay in most societies. But there's nothing bad about a little fashion freedom.

Why is it important to wear clean clothes?

Wearing clothes is one of the distinguishing marks between humansand animals. They also help to maintain our body temperature as ourskin is light. We also wear clothes for protection from theenvironment,hygenic reasons and self expression. .

What clothing did homo sapiens wear?

from my understanding you mean the homo sapien sapien which is our sub species (im only 13 and i know this, its cool) so they would have wore standard garbs made from various animals that they hunted hope i helped yours truly Sloan Morley

Can girls wear loin cloths?

Technically, speaking yes, but the loin cloth's main purpose it so cover the male's reproductive organ while females use a piece of clothing similar to a skirt.

What clothes do you wear when hiking?

The most important piece of clothing when hiking is a good pair of hiking socks. These often get overlooked, but can make a world of difference when they protect your feet from blisters and chafing! Besides socks, you will need a sturdy pair of shoes (hiking boots or runners in a pinch) and comforta ( Full Answer )

What were the clothes that the Egyptian men wear?

For thousands of years men of all classes wore a simple kilt called a schenti made from linen and tied at the waist with a belt. Wealth was usually displayed by a wig and jewellery. In the New Kingdom things began to change as clothing worn by both wealthy men and women became wore elaborate. Well-t ( Full Answer )

Why do British people wear the clothes they wear?

From the lighter side: It's because they are fickle! But seriously, folks: Sometimes, practicality is over-ridden by flair, whimsy, or political statement. As many people "Dress for success" , there is no standard answer to this question.

What is the clothing the wear?

In my opinion people (especially women or teen girls) should not wear anything that is too small or too big/loose. I think that the way females dress has definitely changed because the clothes that females wore then were honestly not as slutty. All in all, don't wear clothes that are slutty.