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Q: Where do the southern right whales mate?
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Related questions

Why are the southern right whales the right whales to kill?

The southern right whales were the right whales to kill because they were slower swimmers and had alot of blubber with could be sold for money. Hope this helps.

What does the southern right whale eat?

Southern right whales diet is krill and plankton

What do southern right whales eat?

Southern Right whales eat 400kg of food a day.It eats krill and plankton.

Were did the southern right whale get its scientific name from?

Right whales got their name when whales were commonly hunted. These whales were some of the most commonly hunted, and were called the "right" whales for whalers to target.

Where are southern right whales found?


What do southern whales eat?

Southern Right whales eat 400kg of food a day. It eats krill and plankton.

What type of whales do you find on the south coast of south Africa?

Southern Right Whales

Do whales mate with other whales or other animals?

whales mate with other whales of the same species.

Can blue whales mate with different types of whales?

yes they can they can mate withkiller whales

Do humpback whales mate for life or not?

do humpback whales mate for life

What kinds of whales are being hunted?

southern right, humpback, blue, fin, sperm and sei whales

What is the second largest species of whales?

i think its the southern right whale

Where in South America do Southern Right Whales live?

in the tree tops (:

What whale doesn't have teeth?

Any of the baleen whales do not have teeth. Examples of baleen whales are the humpback and the southern right whale.

Which whales live in Antarctica?

The humpback, minke, sei, southern, right and blue fin whales all live in Antarctica. Many of these whales are endangered or on the brink of extinction.

Why are the right whales one of the most endangered mammals on the planet?

Right whales are called "right" whales because thy were considered the "right whales to hunt" - they are slow moving and float once killed. This is one reason why they were nearly wiped out. Now days the biggest threat to Right Whales is large ships. Ships often hit the slow moving whales which causes massive internal injuries. Northern Right Whales are far more endangered than Southern Right Whales because there are more shipping lanes in the Northern Oceans.

What are the three different kinds of whales?

The first three are for Australia and the others are common. Southern Right Whales Humpback Whales Orcas ( Killer whales ) Blue Whale Beluga Whale Fin Whale

Is there a right whale?

There are 3 species of right whales. They are the North Atlantic right whale, the North Pacific right whale and the southern right whale.

Can blue whales matewith other whales?

No. Blue whales only mate with other blue whales.

Does it really take 3 blue whales to mate and if so why?

Yes, it takes three whales to mate. One is instrumental in lining them up.

Do blue whales mate with fin whales?

Fin whales sometimes mate with Blue whales and hybrids have been documented. Please see the NOAA website:

Do sperm whales mate?

Sure they do. Its the only way they have to make new whales

What species of whales live in the Arctic Ocean?

While many whales live in the Arctic Ocean, the most common types are the southern right whale, the beluga whale, and orcas (also known as killer whales).

What similarities do sperm whales have with baleen whales?

Sperm whales are around the same size and weight as the Bowhead Whale, Northern and Southern Right Whale, Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, Sei Whale and Bryde's Whale.

What type of homes do whales have?

Whales do not have homes. They eat, sleep, mate, and die in the ocean.