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Q: Where do underage people get cigarettes?
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What is the fine for selling cigarettes to underage people?

I think the fine is $500

How come people won't stop selling cigarettes?

There is no law against selling cigarettes. There is a law against selling them to underage minors.

Can you take cigarettes though customs underage?


How do you get cigarettes if you're underage?

You would politely ask an indifferent adult to purchase cigarettes on your behalf.

Is it illegal to smoke cigarettes if you are underage in NJ?

No. In New Jersey, it is not illegal for a minor to smoke cigarettes, BUT it is illegal for minors to purchase cigarettes.

What could the cops do if your parents turn you in for underage smoking cigarettes?

Basically, the person who sold you the cigarettes could be in greater trouble than you.

Who made it a law that it is illegal for underage kids to buy cigarettes?

The Government makes the laws.

Is it illegal to buy cigarettes underage in pa?

It's not illegal to BUY them it is is illegal for someone to SELL them to you.

What causes people to smoke of underage people?

The reason why people smoke underage is an easy answer DEPRESSION!

Are cigars illegal?

No, they are regulated similarly to cigarettes. Smokers of both cigars and cigarettes are aware of the much-higher taxes being levied on cigarettes, ostensibly to pay smoking-related public health costs.

Is it easy to get cigarettes in France if you're underage and how do I get them?

If you are underaged to buy cigarettes then it will be difficult and we cannot advise on how to perform illegal activities, sorry. As of 2009, selling cigarettes to underaged (under 18 in France) people is illegal, although in some countries it is common practice for a non-minor to buy them and sell them to minors, which is also illegal.

Is it illegal to try to buy cigarettes underage?

AnswerYES, completely. Why would the set an age if it was legal to buy them under that set age?AnswerYes. It's not just illegal, it's wrong. Cigarettes have over 40 negative health effects; see the link below. And buying cigarettes underage will subject you to big fines and possibly jail time, depending on your state's laws.

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