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Vampires!!!! ( THEY ARE NOT REAL! )

Vampires though not real don't really hunt. Vampires are blood sucking creatures. So if you really mean eat they !hunt! human's and animal's blood

-Ashley! $$$$$$$$ =P

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When do vampires go haunting?

Vampires don't haunt, Ghosts haunt, Vampires hunt.

What do Sabbatarians hunt?


When do vampire's hunt?

Vampires should hunt at night to not be seen. Vampires only hunt during hunting season. Else they would be breaking the law.

What do vampires hunt?

blood and humans' meat

Did medieval people hunt vampires?

Yes they did.

Why do vampires hunt people Do they hunt anything else?

yes they like to hunt werewolves sometimes when they get bored.

Why do vampires only hunt at night?

They sparkle in the sun!

Where will vampires hunt?

Mostly in the woods, where they could not be seen.

What did John Gilbert do when he was in New Zealand?

Hunt vampires!

In twilight whos stronger the vampires or werewolves?

well,its obvious werewolves because their bigger and the have a pack werewolves were made to kill vampires ,vampires are meant to hunt us so the strongest hunter goes for the strong prey to show its power.If vampires hunt fragile humans it obvious their not up to the challenge

How often do vampires hunt?

I do beleive in vampires. Iam desperate to meet a vampire face to face.Let me know if there is any in reality

What do vampires do for bachelor partys?

They go "hunting." Regular vampires hunt humans, while the Cullens hunt animals. In the words of Edward they eat "Some Mountion Lions, maybe a few Bears."

Why do vampires hunt in the night?

Because sunlight burns their skin and it would be more noticeable to hunt during the day.

On Oblivion where could i find some vampires to hunt?

Barren cave.

What is a leprechaun's official job?

The official job of a leprechaun is psycic. They read minds, manipulate peoples fears by haunting them in their dreams and they hunt vampies. They hunt vampires by reading the minds of the dead warewolf that the vampires kill.

Do dhampirs need to be bitten at birth to become whole vampires?

well if they do want to be whole vampires but dhampirs hunt vampires down not needing to be biten by a whole vampire that's all i know

What do vampire's hunt?

Vampires hunt anything that is made of meat. e.g Animals / humans and if you are a vampire I have been thinking about being one!

How did Carlyle Cullen become a vampire?

Carlyle's father was a Anglican pastor who hunted vampires. when his father became old Carlyle started to hunt vampires. one night while hunting vampires he was attack and left to die.

Why do vampires hunt people?

1: Vampires don't hunt people, they just suck there blood.2: Not all Vampires drink human blood. Some drink the blood of animals.Vampires drink human blood because they have a craving for it. They have to have it at least once a day or they will go sort of crazy, for example, when u take medication, sometimes when u go off it u get sick. They hunt people because they like the blood of humans instead OS animals. I should know. im a vampire myself

Do vampires only eat at night?

vampires can not go out in too much sun so they prefer to hunt at night but if the day has not that much sun then they can go out and eat people.

What do twilight wolves eat in wolf form?

They hunt like the vampires do, but what they eat is not referenced in the books.

Where should vampires hunt?

== == They should hunt near wooded areas and not in villages so that they do not get hunted themselves. Democratic conventions, and make the world a better place.

Is there a difference between vampire and human blood?

yeah im guessng there is , since vampires dont hunt one eacothers blood, they hunt humans or animals

What are the characteristics of vampires?

The characteristics of vampires are that they usually drink blood of humans and animals. They often hunt at night. usually you can see them that thy are very attractive because of their pale skins and their dark eyes and especially their lips. Vampires get distracted easily. female vampires usually tricks men into sex and after that she'll bite the victim.

Do vampires live in the forest or the city?

i belive they would live in the middel because they gotta blend in and they gotta hunt!0.0

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