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in the fruits

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Q: Where do watermelon plants store their food?
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Does an watermelon store food in its stem?


Why do plants need to store food?

Plants store food for energy.

How plants store much of the food they need?

Plants store much of their food in the form of starch.

What do plants store as food for us?

Plants store the food in the form of starch, glucose and cellulose ...

What types of plants store their food in seeds?

Plants that store food in their seeds are, Pears and peas.

Why do both plants and animals store food?

Usually animals store food for the winter obviously. Plants store food i guess because they might need food if the food and water supply runs out. the plants have extra food.

What plants store food?

normally all plants store food cuz they use the leaves o store food, what they need is sunlight and water.

Why do plants have to store food?

The plants store food to overcome unfavourable periods of growth and making continuity of life.

What is in high energy food stored in plants?

Plants store food as starch.

What food do plants store?

The product of photosynthesis is glucose (sugar). Plants store it as starch.

Do plants keep food in themselves for winter?

Many plants store food in their roots.

How are watermelon made?

Watermelon plants are easily grown from seed.