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You need to get the license in the state where the marriage will take place, in this case, New Hampshire.

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Do you need a marriage license in Nigeria?

i need a copy of my marriage licence

Do you have to get your marriage license in the county you are getting married in?

Yes, the location of the ceremony is the place. They will issue the certificate after the license is executed.

Can a Baptist Deacon perform a wedding ceremony?

No Baptist Deacon can not perform a wedding as he may not have a marriage licence, it has to be performed only by a Baptist priest who has a marriage licence.

Are there any documents that need to be filed after a marriage to make the marriage legal?

The minister or Justice of the peace will send off the marriage licence,but to obtain a legal name change you have to send off for a certified licence.

Can you get married in Florida without a marriage license?

you must have a marriage licence to get married in Florida

Is a marriage valid if the bride purposely uses a false name on the marriage licence and forge the grooms signature?


When do you need to purchase a licence plate sticker?

In Massachusetts, when you register and insure vehicle

Can you obtain a marriage license in the US without a valid social security and valid id?

No you can not get a marriage licence this way.

Do you need to get an Alberta marriage licence in to get married in Las Vegas when you are a Canadian resident?

No, but you'll have to get a marriage license in Vegas

Is a marriage legal in Florida if you were married outside of the country?

It depends if the marriage licence can be legal in Florida but it's most likely

If an already married Swedish couple have a second marriage in Oregon with a valid reverend must they obtain an Oregon marriage licence?


Can you obtain a marriage licence in one state get married in another state and file your marriage license in the state that you obtained the license from?


Can you transfer a plumbers licence from another state to massachusetts?

is a Mass plumbers license transferable to Alaska

What is the legal age to babysit in New Hampshire?

You have to be 11- 12 to become a babysitter but you need the babysitters licence first!

What does a tridional marriage licence look like in Ghana?

In order to obtain a marriage certificate in Ghana, there should be a marriage and a ... Marriage under the Marriage Ordinance; Customary marriage; Islamic ... to be married, in case any party would like to contest/oppose the marriage on legal ...

What do you do if your plane ticket has your maiden name but your ID has your married name?

Take your marriage licence with you.

Can getting a shoplifting ticket affect you when you try to get your license?

It depends what licence you are referring to. It will not affect your application for a driving licence

I am marriage by the church but don't have licence my husband want to get marriage legally but he want a prenatal agreements before we get legally marriage what shot i do?

Don't do it get a license so you can make it official

My friend was married in different country and he came to us with his wife and they don't have a marriage certificate can they remarriage again to get a marriage licence in US?


Can I export onions lemon and garlic to Maldives after getting export licence in India?

Yes, you can export onions, lemon, and garlic to Maldives only after getting export licence in India.

Can a Church of Christ Elder perform a marriage?

No it can only be done by a pastor, with a marriage licence.Another answer:In much of the US, where laws applying to marriage vary from state to state, the answer would be Yes.

What where the banns that made shakespeare marriage legal?

There weren't any. He and Anne were married by a special licence which dispensed with the saying of banns, which licence issued on November 27, 1582.

If your license is suspended in Maine can you get a license in Massachusetts?

No as your licence is suspended for a major offence, you can not get another one in Massaachsetts.

What year did shakespeare get married to Anne Hathaway?

The marriage licence issued Nov. 27, 1582.

Where do you apply for a marriage licence in Long Beach California?

Town Hall County Clerks Office

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