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Where do wild sparrows live?


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Wild sparrows live in holes in the ground.


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Sparrow can live from 6 to 9 years in the wild.

Sparrows are wild birds. They do not need control.

Like most sparrows, Seaside Sparrows live for about five years in the wild. Sometimes, they can live up to 13 years, like the last Dusky Seaside Sparrow.

sparrows live anywhere. in nest boxes, on roofs, though usually not in forest they also live in nesting trees

from what ive heard and read about sparrows, they live 5 years adverage in the wild and longer in captiveity, give or take

about 1-2 years in the wild the record age of a sparrow is 13 years and 4 months about 10 years in captivity

Alike only in that they are both wild birds.

The song sparrows 'real' scientific name is the Melospiza melodia.Song sparrows are medium sized American sparrows and they live across most of canada and the U.S.

Sparrows live in northern Canada, the northern border of the boreal forest in alaska, and tundra in the summer. In the winter the live in southern Canada or the United States.

how long do java sparrows live

The collective nouns for sparrows are:a host of sparrowsa meinie of sparrowsa quarrel of sparrowsa tribe of sparrowsa ubiquity of sparrows

The collective term for a group of sparrows is a host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows, or a flock of sparrows.

Depends on the species. The American Tree Sparrow normally lives between 6-9 years. House sparrows normally live to 3-4 years in the wild, 5-10 years in captivity.

Pigeons, sparrows and starlings are the three most common.

Wild horses live in the wild.

They live out in the wild.

No. Tigers do not live in the wild in japan, but they do live in the wild in China.

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A group of sparrows is most commonly called a "host" of sparrows.They can also be called a "knot" of sparrows. Sometimes they are referred to as a "Quarrel" of sparrows as well.

Sparrows do not hibernate.

Yes and no some that live in the wild are very rare but yes they do live in the wild.

Yes, they do live in the wild.

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Nests up in trees like any other birds... outside.

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