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Wolves hunt with their packs anywhere where there is food.
depend on the place where they are .. sometimes they hunt together and hit the important organ to hunt ...

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Why do wolves hunt alone?

Wolves don't hunt alone they hunt in packs.

When do grey wolves hunt?

Wolves hunt at midnight but they usually hunt in the very early mornings(2 am).

Who hunts wolves?

A cougar can hunt a single wolf but a pack of wolves can hunt pretty much anything. If there was a pack of wolves, they could hunt the cougar. A cougar could only hunt a wolf or two alone. Also, humans hunt wolves.

What do wolves and humans both hunt?

Wolves and humans both hunt meat

What kinds of animals hunt gray wolves?

Very few predators hunt grey wolves. Man is the grey wolf's worst predator. Other wolves will hunt down weaker wolves.

What is the duration of Wolves Hunt at Night?

The duration of Wolves Hunt at Night is 1.63 hours.

Why does man hunt wolves?

Men hunt wolves for many reasons. They hunt them for their fur to create clothing andaccessories they also hunt them for their meat, for eating.

What animals hunt the gray wolves?

No animals hunt gray wolves except for humans. Sometimes, however, bears may kill wolves, or wolves may kill other wolves.

What animals hunt wolves?

Actulally There are mountain lions that live in pennslyvania that probably hunt wolves.

Do wolves hunt elk?

If you are referring to elk, then yes; wolves do indeed hunt elk to eat.

When was Wolves Hunt at Night created?

Wolves Hunt at Night was created on 1952-03-06.

Do mom wolves hunt more or dad wolves?

Other wolves in the pack care for the pups when they are older, but basically the fathers hunt more.

Do gray wolves hunt?

Yes, in the wild packs of 5-12, gray wolves hunt to get food.

Do wolves and foxes hunt in packs?

Wolves do, but not foxes.

Can you use wolves in a sentence?

Wolves hunt in packs for their prey.

When do wolves hunt for there food day or night?

Wolves hunt during the whole day, not by certain times. And they also hunt to feed themselves, so they don't over hunt.

When does a wolf like to hunt?

Wolves like to hunt in evenings when animals like deer are out Wolves like to hunt in evenings when animals like deer are out

When was The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey created?

The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey was created on 2007-08-31.

Can hamsters hunt?

They can search for (hunt for) food but they do not hunt like lions or wolves.

Do wolves hunt in packs?

Yes, wolves hunt in packs.They hunt in packs to bring down larger prey. Sadly though some wolves are chased from a pack if the pack gets too big.

How do wolves hunt small prey?

they use there scenes to hunt

Can A Female Wolf Hunt?

Yes, female wolves hunt.

What do wolves hunt for?

Wolves hunt for: Elk Bison Deer Moose They will also hunt rabbits when other sources are scarce. The purpose of hunting is for food they can eat.

Do wolves hunt coyotes?

Wolves generally do not hunt coyotes for food but do not tolerate coyotes in their territory and will kill them or drive them off.

Do gray wolves always hunt in groups?

Gray wolves sometimes hunt together,but i think they all go together.

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