Where do wolves live?

It really depends on the type. Wolves can live in almost any place. They could live in the forest, woods, and even the tundra and cold places (like the Arctic wolf).

You won't see wolves in the tropics, or anywhere highly populated with humans but some might wander into places like that for short periods or pass through, but not usually permanently there in heavily populated areas.

It depends on the type, but most wolves live in: Alaska, some parts of United states, Russia, Canada and Greenland. Other wolves live in forests and jungles, such as the timber wolf.
If you mean gray wolves, then canada, united states, alaska, europe and asia. If you mean any wolf then pretty much anywhere in the world.
Wolves live in Canada, north-west US, Alaska, Russia (Siberia), Greenland, and other cold tundra places.
Today wolves are found in Alaska, Canada, and the northern parts of Minnesota, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Wisconsin. Wolves will live in almost any forest that contains a surplus amount of food.
in idaho
All over the place, though now mainly just on the upper parts of the earth.
they live in wood and forest and some times in Africa

They do not live in africa, it is to hot for them there.
They usually live in forests.
it depends on what type they are

gray wolves & red wolves -mostly forest

artic wolf - the artics

african wolf - deserts
In a cave
They are the most spread out animals of the world and live in practically every continent, even Africa (coyotes are a wolf species).

They live in biomes such as thundra and evergreen forests, mixed forests, prarie etc.
Wolves can adapt to a variety of places and climates. However, they are most often found in the northern parts of the United States and Canada.
Wolves live in various habitats (such as southern deserts and plains regions), but are mainly found in forests and arctic tundra in Canada (except the southern portions of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the Maritime provinces - New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia). In the USA, they are found in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Isle Royale and northern Michigan. There are a few Mexican wolves in Arizona.
Wolves can live in almost any place. They could live in the forest, deserts, woods, and even the tundra and cold places. But I doubt that you'd see one cross the street in New York City... if it's a wild one...it will howl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My answer: I found an articale if it helps?

Where do Gray Wolves Live?

It is a common question asked by many where do wolves live? The Northern Hemisphere form the region of wolves habitat. The wolf habitat includes Arctic tundra, plains, Savannah, and forests of hardwood, softwood and mixed trees. They roamed in large numbers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan before they became an endangered species. Gray wolves are also found in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Minnesota, Idaho and Montana. There are some wolves that are black in color. Many people often think where do black wolves live? Black wolves live in North America. They are found in Yellowstone National Park.

Timber wolves habitat also consists of the prairie region of eastern Europe and Asia. Their population has diminished in western Europe and America. They are found in large numbers in Alaska and Canada. They are also found in Russia and China, but no one knows their exact population count.

almost any where
Wolves are a very diverse species, most living in the Northern Hemisphere in North America, Europe, and Eurasia. However there are many wild dogs species which live in all areas of the world including the African wild dog and the dingo in Australia.

Wolfe's natural habitat is mostly on the northern hemisphere, parts of Alaska like the arctic
It's spelled wolf, not wolve. But here is my answer;

Most wolves live in: Alaska, some parts of United states, Greenland, and Iceland. Also in forests and jungles.

timber wolves(forests),red wolves(snowy places),gray wolves(rocky mountains),arctic wolves(snow),mexican wolves(hotness).
all over the world,but mostly in north america. XD
The wolf habitat includes almost all Northern Hemisphere habitat types including artic tundra, plains, savannahs, hardwood, softwood, and mixed forest environments. They roamed in large numbers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan before they became an endangered species.
Wolfs live in in Canada,America and I think Europe
Answer: Wolves can live to almost anywhere, but there are only certain places that they don't live. As an example, they don't live in people's back yards. Also I don't think that they will live in to much of a cold climate.

Answer: Their survival in an area is dependent on an adequate amount of prey and a tolerance by humans in the area. In established agricultural areas wolves are seen as dangerous predators on livestock and are generally hunted to extinction.

== == Answer: Wolves live all around the world. Thanks to hunting, wolves have receded up north in Alaska and Canada. They are making a comeback though so in about 25 years you might here the howling of a wolf nearby. They can live generally in all climates.