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Deeper in to the soil. It's warmer and they can hibernate, (sleep).

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Q: Where do worms go during winter?
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How do earthworms hibernate?

worms hibernate and that is where they go during the winter

What do worms do to prepare for hibernation?

THEY GO UNDERGROUND and sleep for the winter.

Where do blue whales go during the winter?

Where do blue whales go during the winter?

Where do Barn Owls go in the Winter?

They go in the forest during the winter.

Why lizards are not seen in winter?

it is to cold for them they go into the winter shutdown during winter

Why are robins most likely to die of starvation in winter?

Robins eat worms and worms hide in the ground and the ground is covered in snow so it is hard to get the worms. Robins also eat flowers and all the flowers are dead during winter so the robin can't eat that

How do hedgehog find his food?

Hedgehogs eat worms and slugs, but should be hibernating in winter. If you find one during winter; contact your local animal shelter.

Can a horse get worms in the winter?

No they can't. After the first frost of the winter all the parasites die. It is a good idea to worm your horses just after the first frost to ensure that your horse didn't pick up any parasites or worms during the summer.

Do camel crickets go away during the winter?

Camel crickets do go away during the winter. The adult crickets die in the winter after laying eggs in the ground which will hatch in the spring.

What do bluebirds eat in the winter?


Can horses get worms in the winter?


Where do deer go in the winter?

Deer do not go anywhere in the winter, during which season they stay in their home territory.

Where do the birds go in migration?

During the winter birds fly south for the winter

What do turtles eat during the winter?

some eat worms at the bottom of the pond along with other stuff. and some hibernate.

Can you go to cemeteries during winter?

you can go to cemeteries whenever you please but if you are afraid of the dark remember that during winter in the northern hemisphere nighttime comes earlier.

Do bears gather food during the winter?

Bears go into hibernation in the winter, Which is meaning that they sleep thru the winter

Where do hammerhead sharks go during the winter?


How do turtles hibernate?

go to sleep during winter

What is the cheapest time to fly to France?

winter cause none wants to go during the winter

What do amphibians do in the cold winter months?

During cold winter months amphibians go into Hibernation.

Why are willy worms around in the winter?

to look for food

Where does the monarch butterfly go during the winter months?


Do worms hibernate?

Yes. Worms hibernate during most of the wintry season, but not all worms.

Why do male snakes go off food in the winter?

Both male and female snakes will go off of food in the winter during the season when they hibernate.

Why do silk worms hibernate in the winter?

They do not. They have a short life time.