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At the Power Steering pump. The reservoir is located at the pump.

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Q: Where do you add power steering fluid in a 78 Chevy truck?
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What is a common problem for 1995 Chevy truck power steering leak?

try power steering fluid with sealer this worked on 2 of my cars

How do you replace power steering hose on a Chevy c-1500 pickup truck?

how do replace a power steering hose on a Chevy c-1500 pickup truck

What fluid is used for a 1996 Chevy Suburban power steering pump?

any run of the mill PS fluid can be used in a Chevy truck/SUV. in a pinch u may sub in ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid.)

Can you substitute brake fluid for power steering fluid in dodge ram truck?


Where do you add power steering fluid on a 1984 Ford F-150 truck?

In the Power Steering pump

Does a 1990 Nissan pickup have power steering?

A 1990 Nissan pickup truck has power steering. If the truck is displaying symptoms of not having power steering check the fluid levels and pump itself.

Where is the power steering reservoir in a 1985 Chevy truck?

It is mounted on the rear of the power steering pump . Look in behind the bracket that is covering the pump up and you will see a cap. remove it and add fluid as needed.

How do you check power steering fluid on 03 5.7 hemi dodge truck?

Under the hood there is a cap, that is usually yellow, labeled with Power Steering. This is where a person can remove the lid and check the dipstick to check the level of power steering fluid on this truck.

What would cause power steering fluid to leak out from under the radiator of a 1993 Chevy Cheyenne work truck 4-wheel drive?

maybe its automatic transmission fluid

What kind of power steering fluid is used in a 2003 S10?

You can use any SAE certified power steering fluid in your 2003 Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck. The power steering fluid usually comes in a pint bottle.

Where is the power steering located at to add more fluid on a 1979 Chevy Cheyenne?

If, your truck is equiped with power steering, it will be located on drivers side near front of engine look down low in behind fan belt it will be there, top up with tranny fluid if needed

How do you install a steering stabilizer own your Chevy truck?

1952 chevy truck does not have a steering damper, where and how to mount steering damper on my 1952 chevy truck .thanks jim

How do you replace a power steering pump on a 1989 Chevy truck?

you will need a power steering pulley puller other than that its gravy

Will a 1983 Chevy suburban power steering gear box fit a 1983 Chevy truck?

Yes it will.

Where is power steering fluid reservoir kenworth truck?

Usually under the hood on the left side of the truck.

What could cause the power steering not work on a 1986 C30 454 Chevy truck?

The power steering pump has probley quit working.

How do you change a light on a steering column in a 2006 Chevy truck?

How do change a light on a steering column in a 2006 chevy truck?

What kind of power steering fluid does a 1982 Ford truck use?

You can use ATF (automatic transmission fluid)

How do you put the pulley back on the power steering pump on a 93 Chevy truck?

How do you put the pulley back on the power steering pump on a 1990 suburban

How do you reinstall the power steering pump pully on a 1995 Chevy silverado 350 v8?

How do you remove power steering pulley on a 1990 ck truck

Can you change a 1991 Chevy S-10 truck with no power steering to having power steering If so how?

Yes you can. Go to a auto wrecking yard and purchase the power steering box, hoses, belts, pulleys and pump, along with all the brackets and bolts from the same truck as yours that has power steering.

Why does your power steering make a noise when you turn sharp?

Could be your steering fluid is low? My 1982 GMC pickup truck makes a noise when my steering wheel fluid gets low.

Why does a Chevy Tahoe leak clear oily liquid?

Really need more info: Like what area on the truck is it leaking. It sounds like Break or Power steering fluid.

Where is the drain plug for power steering pump on 1997 Chevy truck?

There has never been a drain plug for the Power steering. You will have to loosen a line or suck it out to empty it.

Why does steering system moan groan shudder in your Chevy truck?