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Q: Where do you bump into argon in everyday life?
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Where do you bump into nitrogen in everyday life?

the air is nitrogen and we bump into it everyday life

Where do you bump into curium in your everyday life?

Curium is not used in everyday life.

Where do you bump into Gallium in everyday life?


Where is argon found in everyday life?

Light bulbs

Where do you bump into rubidium in everyday life?

it is in a lot of metals

Where do you bump into lawrencium in everyday life?

Lawrencium has any use.

Where do you bump into rhenium in your everyday life?

While using flash lamps.

What is argon used for everyday life?

As an insulating gas (eg in double glazing).

Where do you bump into sodium in everyday life?

Table salt! (NACl - Sodium Chloride)

How does the noble gas family affect everyday life?

You use helium in balloons. Neon and argon in lights. Argon is used as an "inert" gas to inhibit bacterial growth.

Why do we use argon everyday?


What do we use argon for everyday life?

used as filling for fluorescent lamps, electric light bulbs, incandescent lamps and for vacuum tube.