Where do you buy diamonds?

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2016-02-09 08:18:34

Diamonds can be bought via retail stores as well as online.

Nowadays, shopping online is the way to go, as it’s very

convenient. There are numerous advantages to it such as a large

variety to choose from, most online stores have a lot of stock and

many exclusive deals along with GIA certified diamonds and they do

not have as many overheads as a retail store does, where the price

is usually added on to the product. Many online sellers have

professionally trained gemologists who can handle all your


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2011-09-15 11:03:16

Generally speaking, diamonds can be purchased either at brick

& mortar jewelry stores or at online jewelry stores. Both of

these options are totally valid, it just depends on what you feel

more comfortable with. The main advantage of buying diamonds online

is the price. Online diamond jewelry providers have much less

expenses than B&M jewelers, meaning that they can afford to

sell diamonds for much lower prices.

Whether you decide to opt for an online jeweler or B&M, the

best way to ensure that you are buying diamonds from a trustworthy

jewelry provider is to read jewelry store reviews. By reading about

the experiences of other diamond consumers you can learn which

providers are reliable, and find out who offers the kind of quality

and service you're looking for.

I buy from a TV and online company based in Tenesse. They have a

30 day return policy, and they NEVER quibble. In 10 years , I've

had maybe 3 or 4 returns out of hundreds of purchases, and no

problem with returns.

D damas

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