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under the dash right under the steering wheel

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Q: Where do you connect a code reader on a 1999 Geo Metro?
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Where do you connect the code reader on a 1996 Thunderbird?

the code reader connector should be on the passenger side of car just under the edge of the dashboard on the left hand side next to the center console.

What does a Check engine light with a restricted performance message on a 1999 Jaguar XJ8 mean?

It means that the computer has detected a fault code that needs attention. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to guess what the computer is trying to tell you until you connect a code reader.

Where is the Code reader location 1999 Toyota Camry?

The access port is underneath the steering wheel, at the very and of the plastic protection. PS: Camry does not have a code reader, a code reader has to be purchased or you can use AutoZone free service to pull error codes out of the car computer.

Where do you connect fault code reader ford transit?

In the multy-pin port located under the steering wheel

Where to connect a code reader on a Toyota matrix?

The plug is under the steering wheel, deep down and little bit to the left.

What code reader do you need for a 1999 Toyota MR2 mrs roadster?

It uses the federally mandated OBD-II interface. Any code reader capable of reading OBD-II codes will work.

What does code p0104 on 1999 Geo Metro mean?

Trouble code P0104 means: Mass air flow or volume air flow circuit intermittent

How do you connect bar code reader to computer?

Plug in the cable to an appropriate port. Driver software may also need to be installed.

Where do you hook up an OBD code reader on a 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio?

The 1999 Volkswagon Cabrio OBD 2 port is under dash at left side

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You can use any phone with MetroPCS if the phone has been unlocked. You can get the unlock code for your phone from your current provider.

What causes the check engine light to come on in a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria?

The only way of knowing that is to use a code reader and look up the code that you get.

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