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Where do you download codes for action replay dsi?

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you can't use the action replay in the DSi NO YES U CAN YOU NEED ACTION REPLAY DSi

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Just insert the game in the Action Replay DSi. Choose the codes you want or go to the option of adding a new code. You can use the Action Replay DSi Code Manager to insert new codes faster and manage existing codes. You can download it from a disc included with the Action Replay DSi or download it from the online website(aka SoulSilver should be recognized by your Action Replay DSi when you go into the 'Codes' menu option.

yes. a dsi is the same as a normal ds but with a camera.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the same codes from the DS to the DSI, but you cannot use a DS Action Replay for the DSI, you have to use a DSi Action replay, which works with all, to get codes for DSi.

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

Yes it does. On Action replay DSi it does have Pokemon Soul Silver, but on Action Replay DS it doesn't.

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.

yes the action replay Dsi has already came out it's available at game stop

Get action replay for dsi & it will tell u dudes

Yes. Action Replay codes are interchangeable between the DS and the DSi, because they both use the same games.

Dont buy a action replay just for that game it is not on the action replay

nope. but you can download some games on the dsi shop.

an action replay is a cartridge that you can put in your DSI/DS and insert your game that you would like to download cheats into

If it is being transferred from an Action Replay DS to an Action Replay DSi, using the same version of the game, the same codes will work. I used to have both, and I find that my codes from Pokemon: Explorers of Time still works on my Action Replay DSi, even though I originally put them on my Action Replay. You just have to enter the code correctly, and know how to activate it (auto-activate, L+R, etc.). Then it will work.

no you cant I have an action replay dsi and the hacked codes of others have worked on my game, although I don't know where the code was made from.

yes and they are the exact same only action replay dsi works also for dsi the normal ds one does not work on dsi

Nintendo made an action replay for the dsi. There is an action replay for dsi... The INITIAL codelist is different, for many games have come out since the creation of the action replay ds. However, the possible codelists are exactly the same, the action replay DSi is just not compatible with the other versions of the AR

Action Replay for DS does not work on a DSi, but there is an Action Replay DSi which does work on them.

You don't download the cheats. There's websites to show you codes and you take that code and put it into the action replay on the ds/ dsi. That's what I did.On some action replays there is a cable which comes with it that you use to connect to the computer and download all your cheats.

Insert the Action Replay with the game into a Nintendo DSi. Select Codes. Go on top of the code you want to delete, press X, and select Delete.

yes they do because i have used ten on mine and they work.

you have to have the action replay for ds\dsi. you get the action replay at walmart\gamestop and more places

You install the Action Replay Manager on your computer with it. You can use the Action Replay Manger in order to update your Action Replay with the newest game codes.

Yes. Action Replay codes are interchangeable between the DS and the DSi, because they both use the same games.

Action replay ds doesn't work on the DSi, but action replay dsi does. Action replay dsi pretends to be The Game & watch collection, then when you open it, it's action replay. Nintendo would stop action replay from opening, if it found out that it was relay action replay.

No, There is an Action Replay for DSi

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