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you can't use the action replay in the DSi NO YES U CAN YOU NEED ACTION REPLAY DSi

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Q: Where do you download codes for action replay dsi?
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How do you make the Action Replay DSI work for my Pokemon SoulSilver?

Just insert the game in the Action Replay DSi. Choose the codes you want or go to the option of adding a new code. You can use the Action Replay DSi Code Manager to insert new codes faster and manage existing codes. You can download it from a disc included with the Action Replay DSi or download it from the online website(aka SoulSilver should be recognized by your Action Replay DSi when you go into the 'Codes' menu option.

Can you use action replay ds codes for the dsi?

yes. a dsi is the same as a normal ds but with a camera.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the same codes from the DS to the DSI, but you cannot use a DS Action Replay for the DSI, you have to use a DSi Action replay, which works with all, to get codes for DSi.

Will action replay ds codes work on the dsi action replay?

Yes! You can!

Action replay codes for spectrobes?

Get action replay for dsi & it will tell u dudes

Will there be action replay codes for the DSi?

yes the action replay Dsi has already came out it's available at game stop

Are there any action replay codes for DS?

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

Does action replay dsi give codes for Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes it does. On Action replay DSi it does have Pokemon Soul Silver, but on Action Replay DS it doesn't.

Can you use gameshark codes on an Action Replay DSi?


What is the difference between Action Replay and Action Replay Max?

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.

Do codes for the action replay ds work on the ation replay dsi?

Yes. Action Replay codes are interchangeable between the DS and the DSi, because they both use the same games.

How do you input action replay codes for action replay DSI?

Basically the same way as the Ds.

What are the action replay dsi codes lufia curse of the sinistrals?

Dont buy a action replay just for that game it is not on the action replay

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