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Where do you drain transmission fluid on a manual 95 altima?


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I have a 95 Altima with manual transmission. I'm assuming it would be in the same place as mine. The drain bolt is a 12mm about 6 inches to the left as your looking at it and just slightly lower

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how do you change the transmossion fluid in a manual nissan altima se?

you have to jack the rear end of the car up higher than the front because there is a drain plug in the front of the transmission, but it is not low enough to drain all of the fluid completely without having a pump

Kia Rio manual trans fluid changeChange the manual transmission fluid, first remove drain pulg on the lower bottom of the transmission. Drain old fluid. Reinstall drain plug. Remove the speed cable housing from the transmission, this is where you add the new fluid.

you change the manual transmission fluid in a '99 cavalier simply by removing the transmission drain plug and allowing all the fluid to drain then replace the plug and refill with Syncromesh transmission fluid(that is the fluid recommended by Chevy for use in your transmission) It should take 2 quarts.

You don't flush a manual transmission. You just drain the old fluid, and refill with new.

How do you add transmission fluid to a Nissan Altima with standard transmission?

To change the transmission fluid on the manual 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, drain the fluid from the drain hole near the speed sensor. Then refill the fluid using the plug in the side of the transmission.

For a 1995 manual transmission grand am, the fluid capacity is 2.0 quarts for a complete drain and refill. The fluid type is 80W90 transmission oil.

The automatic does not have one. The pan has to be removed to drain the fluid. The manual should have a drain plug on the bottom.The automatic does not have one. The pan has to be removed to drain the fluid. The manual should have a drain plug on the bottom.

Remove fill plug on transmission, followed by the drain plug. After the fluid has completely drained, reinstall the drain plug and fill with 2.25 quarts of 75w85 manual transmission fluid (or 75w90) USE API GL-4

there is no fluid for a manual transmission

You can use any SAE certified manual transmission fluid in your 1996 Ford manual transmission. Make sure you use manual transmission fluid and not automatic transmission fluid.

manual transmission in a 1997 eclipse take 2.1 qts of mopar transmission fluid . there's a drain plug in bootom and filler plug is on side of transmission next to driver side axle

Usually, manual transmission fluid is not changed. Fluid is added as necessary, but if the fluid NEEDS to be changed, and there is no drain plug, you will have to syphon out the old fluid with a hose-and-syphon-bulb available at auto parts stores or at Walmart or similar store.

It does not have a drain plug. You have to remove the transmission pan from the bottom of the transmission to drain the fluid.

If you have an automatic transmission there is no drain plug, you'll have to drop the pan to change the fluid. If you have a manual transmission the drain plug is in the center on the bottom.

There is none for an automatic transmission. You will have to drop (take off) the transmission fluid pan to drain it.

Should be a drain plug at the bottom of transmission and a fill plug at the side

With a manual transmission, it is on the passenger side of the transmission case. There are two 3/8 square plugs. One is the drain and one is the fill. With an automatic, there is no drain. You have to remove the pan.

If its not on the transmission pan ,you have to remove the pan to change the oil

Manual transmission fluid is MERCON automatic transmission fluid.

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