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go to town square and enter build a baerworkshop then click the bear behind the counter.

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Q: Where do you enter a build a bear code?
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Where do you enter the build a bear ville code?

you enter the codes inside the vurtual build a bear

Where do you enter your map code on Build-a-Bearville?

go to the build a bear workshop and talk to the bear and then put in the code

Build a bear reciept codes?

A receipt code on Build a bear, After you make a purchase at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store on the receipt there is a code that you enter in at

How do you get bear credits on build a bear ville?

You buy them in real life at build a bear workshop, and on your reciept, there will be a code. Enter that code on build a bear ville.

Where do you enter build a bear ville cheat codes?

Go to the town square and into the build a bear workshop. Click on comp the bear and then on enter a web code. type in the code and click accept

How do you enter a build a bear code when doesn't work?

If a bear code doesn't work, it has already been used. You can't enter it again.

How do you put in a Cheat code at Build-a-Bearville?

Go to the bear in build-a-bear workshop and click on him and you'll see web codes and then you enter the code.

Build-a-Bearville money receipt code?

You have to go to build a bear workshop and purchase something. There is a code at the bottom of the receipt and you can enter it at the virtual build a bear workshop in build-a-bearville.

Where do you type the codes on build a bear?

You go to build a bear workshop in town square and u enter and click the bear behind the desk and click enter a web code and then just put in the code and ur done

How can you get store credits on Build a bear ville?

you have to buy something from the build a bear workshop store and enter the receipt code

Where do you enter this code HANAMO08 its for Build-a-Bearville?

build a bear workshop, town square, build a bearville

If you create a build a bear book then you get a code and where do you enter the code?

you go to the adoption dude then click the second option and enter the code

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