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feeling baby's heartbeat.You can't feel the baby's heartbeat, but you can hear it. and I believe that is at 5 months.
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Q: Where do you feel the baby's heartbeat when you are pregnant?
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When can you feel the babys heartbeat?

in the belle button or what

Can you feel your babys heartbeat?

No. You can neither hear (unless at a ultrasound) or feel it.

When can you feel babys heartbeat?

You cant...but you will feel the baby move around after eventually

Is it normal at 6 months pregnant for the babys heartbeat to be 168?


Does a baby share the same heartbeat with its mother?

no. they have their own heartbeat. if you are pregnant and go to the doctor they can put a fetal monitor on you and you will be able to hear the babys heartbeat.

Can you feel a babys heartbeat from outside at 24 plus weeks?

well not really

Can you feel the babys heartbeat while pregnant?

You cannot feel the actual heartbeat of the baby, but you can feel movements of the baby and LISTEN to the heartbeat. If you can actually 'feel' a heartbeat, chances are it is your own and is just easier to feel on your stomach than usual because it is stretched to accomodate the growing baby. Your baby could also be having hiccups in the womb which is what you could be feeling- my son had them frequently and it would seem like a heartbeat but it's only hiccups (their hearts beat almost twice as fast as our own so you can easily distinguish hiccups from heartbeat)

When pregnant can you feel the babys heartbeat in your stomach?

No, you would have to be a rare case of super-sensitive to be able to feel that. To date, I have never heard of a woman who can feel the baby's heartbeat. What you may be feeling is your own heartbeat as the blood flow to your uterus is increased. Or it may be just the baby kicking. Many babies also seem to get hiccups which can be a very regular beat, often at the same time each day.

When your pregnant can you see the babys heartbeat in your stomach?

depends on how many weeks it has being but yes when you go for a pregnancy scan

If babys heartbeat is 129 how many wks pregnant?

My baby's heart beat is also 129 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Can a pregnant mom feel babys move which trimister?

yes and its terrible!

When can you hear your babys heartbeat with a Doppler?

when can you hear baby's heartbeat with a doppler

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