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Where do you fill the auto fluid 1989 Honda accord?


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its in the front of the transmission, just left of the center of the car. its hard to see.

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Honda ATF if Auto(don't use Dexron/Mercon) and 10w30 oil or Honda manual Trans fluid(which is fancy 10w30)

Use only genuine Honda P/S fluid and nothing else. You can find it at most auto parts stores and of course you Honda dealer.

First off do not use any fluid except genuine Honda ATF DW-1 A/T fluid. It will cost around $8 per quart.

Complete PDF manual with belt guides for all 1986-1989 Honda Accords:

Must use Honda transmission fluid. Go to your local dealer for the correct fluid.Answer:Tell us what year, what model of Honda do you have? Consult your owner's manual. As specified by the factory, many older Hondas use regular Dexron fluid which is available at any auto parts store.

Go to Auto Zone's web site and type in Engine Trouble Code. They have a list for your vehicle and explains how to.

Serpentine belt diagrams for a 1989 Honda Accord LX can be found through auto part stores or service manuals. Service repair manuals will have detailed information regarding diagrams and how to properly troubleshoot any problems.

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One can go to a used automotive dealership to purchase a 1998 Honda Accord. One can also buy a 1998 Honda Accord by participating in an auto auction locally or online.

There is absolutely only one transmission fluid you should ever use in a Honda and that is genuine Honda ATF. Do not put anything else in your Honda or you will experience shifting problems. Do not let anyone tell you that there is a substitute or that you can use a universal fluid. Honda fluid is very special and you would be very foolish to use anything else. You may be able to purchase it at some auto parts stores.

The battery size for a 1988 Honda Accord LX is a size 25. The battery can be purchased at any auto parts store.

If it's a Sport Shift (auto), then you use Honda's auto transmission fluid. If it's a manual, Honda's manual transmission fluid. Use no other fluid in your Honda.

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The 2002 Honda accord headlight changing diagram can be obtained from most Honda dealerships. The diagram can also be obtained from the auto-parts store where you bought the new headlight.

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Absolutely not! Use only Honda ATF-Z1 and nothing else.

One can find a used 2002 Honda Accord coupe through auto websites such as Auto Trader and Kijiji. One can also check local used car dealerships for this model.

Any auto parts store can quote you the price.

At auto part stores"autozone,o'reilly,fleetfarm,etc"

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