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There aren't a whole lot of modeling camps to be found in Georgia but here is a link to one GA modeling camp that also includes fashion design:

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Q: Where do you find a modeling camp in Georgia?
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University of Georgia Bulldogs Camp, or Fairplay Jaguars Football Camp

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What modeling jobs are there for girls turning 14 in London?

The best way to find modeling jobs is by sending in your pictures and information to modeling agencies in London. Once you get signed, the modeling agency will find jobs for you.

Where can you find a fun modeling career in Georgia for a 15 year old?

Modeling can be fun but it is also a tough job that requires a lot of commitment, especially if you are signed to a modeling agency. You should look into trying to get your 15-year-old signed with a legitimate modeling agency that represents teen models or fashion models if your child is tall enough (5'8" or taller).

How to find modeling gigs?

The modeling industry can be difficult to enter into if one does not know where to begin, or what type of paid modeling jobs.

How do you get into a modeling career?

You can either sign with a modeling agency who will book you modeling jobs or you can be a freelance model where you act as your own agent and find your own modeling work.

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There are many places where aspiring models can find predictive modeling blogs. Aspiring models can find predictive modeling blogs at popular on the web sources such as Blogger, Enservio, and Blogspot.

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What is thr Name of a modeling scout?

A modeling scout is just that--a modeling scout. There are no special names. Just be sure to find out the name of the agency they represent.

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What modeling jobs can you get for a fifteen year old in New England?

The best way to find modeling jobs is by sending in your pictures and information to a modeling agency in your area who will offer you a modeling contract and find legit and well paying jobs for you. Make sure they have a teen division.

How to join modelling institute like a model?

You do not have to join a modeling institute or school to pursue a modeling career. You must find a modeling agency located near you that is interested in offering you a modeling contract. After that happens, you will be trained and booked for modeling work.

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you can google

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