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Where do you find a stradivarius violin collector?

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2009-08-28 17:19:53

There no collecters, there are owners. one should be so lucky as

to own just one. Read the history of Stradivarius and you will

understand. It's not as simple as stated above! Antonio

Stradivari's instruments became famous during his lifetime, as have

many other "modern" violins have become famous in their maker's

lifetime. Because of this, Stradivari's instruments were coveted by

many people, especially professional violinists and the wealthy who

appreciated them. Some of the wealthiest collectors even owned

several fine examples by the same maker at the same time. It is

important to know that not all of the old master's instruments have

been 'accounted for'. Some were destroyed through various

accidents, wars, or some other calamity. Some have even been stolen

and never seen since: but a few have been recovered in a short time

and even fewer - after several decades of invisibility. Also, if

you ever hear someone say they have a Stradivarius, it's probably a

less than equal copy that says "copy of Stradivarius" inside the


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