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Answered 2011-09-15 11:19:41 or press red while you are watching Disney channel on sky

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Where can you find the Lizzie McGuire dress up game that used to be on Disney channel of Lizzie McGuire?

Where is the Lizzie McGuire dress up game? THIS IS THE WEBSITE I FOUND FOR THE LIZZIE MGUIRE GAME!

What site has the Lizzie McGuire Dressing Game?

no were

Where is the game when you dress Lizzie mcguire?

Go to the website 2.Disney and you can also dress Miranda if you click on style and you can also do mirandas nails.

Is there a website where you can find a fashion game you used to play on line?

Type in old fashion games

A fun online babysitting game or a fashion show game?

Hi, You will find the game on the below mentioned site.

Is there a video game for fashion designers or interior designers?

The Sims 3 is a game that many fashion and interior designers might find intersting as it allows for you to design both cloths and homes.

What is imagine fashion party about?

im guessing you create and design your own fashion party. if you ever find that game in the shops you can read the back of it and that will tell you what its about

What website do you go to to get to Lizzie mcguier dress up games?

Go to this =Hope it works!!=Go to this =Hope it works!!=

How would one describe the Fashion Fantasy?

Fashion Fantasy is an online game about fashion mostly as the name of the game suggests. This game is for people passionate about fashion. Also, it provides the opportunity to be social with your friends and interact with them online. One can become a fashion designer or be a store owner in this game.

How do you get fashion dollars in good game fashion?

buy them

Where is the game where you paint Miranda's nails from Lizzie mcguire?

I was having this same dilemma. I found a link for it because it is NOT on anymore. Here you go: this is also a good one:

Lizzie mcguere dreesup game on Disney channel?

i think so

Are there a way i can find a fashion designer game just like stardoll but free?

i-dressup is brilliant fun!

Cheat codes for the Facebook game fashion wars?

Cheat codes for the facebook game fashion wars?

What is the game id for imagine fashion designer?

imagine fashion designer.

Where can you download barbie fashion show game?

i love you baby download fashion show game love Megan

Where is the fashion camera on dizzywood?

The Dizzy Fashion Camera can be found in between the Game Wagon and the Fashion Store.

What are some good websites for young girls to play fashion games?

A great fashion game is the Fashion Fantasy Game. It's a simulation of the real fashion business, which makes it more realistic than other games.

Are there any cheat codes for the game fashion story?

Find Godly hacks at the only hacking site :D

Is there a fashion game for psp?

My Stylist

Where can I play fashion games online?

A fashion game is any game where you can accessorize, dress up, or buy items for your closet. A good place to place these games is or www.addicting I have heard that Fashion Boutique is a good game.

Is the game fashion fantasy game for boys or girls?

To be honest, I think it's for everyone. Fashion is for everyone. So yes it is for boys and girls :]

Is Fashion designer world tour ds a good game?

yes it is a very fun game where you design clothes for a new fashion line and get judged by the best people in fashion history , hope that i helped you

What are cheats for fashion fantasy game?

It's not a game where you should cheat. It's also an educational tool where you can learn about how the real fashion business works.