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Im sorry to say that Water Spout is not a TM. The only Pokémon who can learn this move is Wailmer, Wailord and Kyogre. I wish Water Spout was a TM too, It would have been a very neat move for my Octillery. d:

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โˆ™ 2008-11-03 20:43:30
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Q: Where do you find the TM water spout in Pokemon diamond?
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Where to find tentacool on Pokemon diamond?

everywhere on water

Where can you find torchic on diamond?

You get the choice if a Turtwig Torchic or a water Pokemon at the start of Diamond

In Pokemon diamond where do you find magikarp?

Magikarp will be in the water if you have surf

Where can you find water Pokemon in diamond?

In the desert. (No really, simple logic in the water!)

Where can you find a Tentacool at on Pokemon diamond?

you can find it by fishing or just surfing on the water..........

Were do you find a pidey in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find Pidey in a Pokemon Outbreak in Pokemon Diamond

Where do you get the water stone in Pokemon diamond?

you can find one while mining

Where is lumieon in Pokemon Diamond?

you find lumieon in the water in floweroma town the Pokemon that you have to use is butgresse

Where can you find the Pokemon tentacreul on Pokemon Diamond?

Find it while surfing or fishing with the super rod in most water areas.

Where do you find water stones in Pokemon Diamond?

you can find them underground if u look long enough

Where do you find water stones in Pokemon diamond version?

But if you want a water stone, trade one over from firered/leafgreen on a Pokemon or you can find one in the underground.

Where do you find a totodile in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

Where can you find menaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

You can not find or get manaphy on Pokemon diamond but you can by hacking, trading or... if you have Pokemon ranger you have to complete the manaphy mission and then you can put it onto diamond.

Where do you find Lumineon in Pokemon Diamond?

fish by canalave with super rodA trainer has it on the way to the Pokemon league in the water

Where do you find chinchou on Pokemon Diamond?

in the water on the way to pal park not sure if its a surfing or fishing Pokemon though

How do you get all legenderies Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

Where to find borboach in Pokemon diamond?

Barboach can be caught using the Good Rod in many bodies of water in Pokemon Diamond. One of the areas where it is easy to find with the Good Rod is the Great Marsh.

Where can you find poliwrath in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't you have to get poliwhirl and then use a water stone on it [which is underground]

Can you still find water stones in the underground in Pokemon diamond even if you don't have?

yes you can

How cani find manaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond you have to get Pokemon ranger and defeat it and you have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond,Platinum or Pearl.

Were do you find mew on Pokemon Diamond?

Mew cannot be found in Pokemon diamond

Where to find Yukishii in Pokemon Diamond?

its not a Pokemon

Where to get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In the underground, dig up stuff and sometimes you'll find a water stone...

Where do you find Starmie in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find and catch a Starmie. To get one, you will have to evolve a Staryu with a water stone.

How do you find a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You walk into tall grass. Walk into cave areas. Surf on the water. In certain buildings.