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Q: Where do you find the battery on Phineas and pherb the game on ds for the machine to get the crate out of the way?
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Who is the voice of candace in Phineas and pherb?

The voice is Ashley Tisdale

What band sings the Phineas and pherb theme song?

Bowling for Soup

Who is the guy who runs evil inc. on Phineas and Pherb?

Dr. Doffinsmertz.

Can you watch Phineas and Ferb without an addiction?

1: yes, i watch Phineas and pherb and im not an addict 2: No, no one is immune to the greatness that is Phineas and Ferb. And in response to the first answer: Acceptance is the first step...

What show is more babyish Phineas and Ferb or Hannah Montana and why?

Hannah Montana cuz Phineas and pherb is creativeand gets your creative mind flowing and Hannah Montana is just about a girl that sings

Who does the voice of the mother on Phineas and pherb?

The actor who does the voice of Ferb is Thomas Sangster. This British young actor is also known for play the character of Simon in the film Nanny McPhee.

What are the chacters in Phineas and pherb names?

candace is Ashley Tisdale Phineas is Vincent Martella Ferb is Thomas Sangster Linda (the mom) is Caroline Rhea Major Monagram is Jeff Marsh Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is Dan Povenmire and Perry is Dee Bradley Baker

Who are all the peoples name on Phineas and pherb?

The members of Love Handel are Bobbi Fabulous (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui); Danny (voiced by Jaret Reddick); and Sherman, A.K.A. Swampy (voiced by Steve Zahn).

Did Demi play on Phinaes and Pherb?


What television programmes has ashely tisdale starred in?

Ashley tisdale has starred in three Disney shows and one on nickelodeon. She had starred in The suit life, HSM and continuing on HSM3, the voice of Candace on Phineas and Pherb and the Amanda show on nick.

What games can be found on the www.disney xd games site?

There is numerous games on There is phineas and pherb, kikin it games and even kik butowski has some good games as well. I actually tried some of these games and their pretty fun.

What is the best cartoon for kids?

pokemon digimon bakugan yu gi oh inazuma eleven sponegebob simpsons family guy futarama ultimate muscle phineas and pherb horrid henry dinosaur king metejets bunny maloney mucha lucha chowder those are the top 17