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Where do you find the bolts in the middle row of the 1996 Windstar van?


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2005-08-20 12:27:44
2005-08-20 12:27:44

I have a 96 Windstar and the seat is out of it and in my spare bedroom closet. Exactly what bolts are you looking for? Will help if I can.


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Just in case this is intended to find the notorious isolator bolts, that cause the 171 and 174 trouble codes and intake manifold vacuum leaks... See "Related Questions" below

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Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The Owner Guide ( which includes the fuse diagrams ) can be viewed online

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Open the hood and find the upper radiator hose. Follow this hose to the engine and you will see the thermostat housing. There are two bolts holding the housing on. Unscrew these bolts and you will see the thermostat.

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It's located on the center of the engine block Just about the middle of the engine, on the front. Look directly across from the radiator fan, and you should find a round device with another round capsule on the top of it. It should have 3 bolts with wires connected to them. This is your starter and starter solonoid.

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