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The bell clapper is hanging from the ceiling in the Secret Room below the detention room. Once you have the blueprint from Nate's locker, you can enter the file cabinet and go down into the room. (You use the gum and stink bomb in this.)

(see related question)

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Where are all the postcards from big nate island on poptropica?

There aren't any now. They were part of the island promotion prior to the release of Big Nate Island.

How do you get in the darkroom in the studio on big nate island?

You don't. It's not part of the island solution.

How do you beat poptropica.com big Nate island?

there should be a youtube on big nate island. go to youtube and type down poptropica big nate island part 1 and go to the name secretscp. (hes awesome) there is a girl named graser10 but she HATES him. :)

On Big Nate Island where is the dog's owner?

No one knows. It does not appear to be part of the game solution.

How do you get to the gray thing on big nate island?

Digging up the time capsule is the last part of Big Nate island. It will not come out of the hole, so you have to click on the shiny clasp. (see solution question below)

On clubpenguin where do you find the stuff to make the clock part?

I don't know where you find the stuff.But you find some snow and you probably go to the stage and the green puffle will make the clock part for you

Where is the part of the school bellat big nate island?

you got to the secret room to get the bellclapper by getting detention

What do you do with the graham cracker on big nate island?

at the last part use the map to put the graham cracker on the part where the capsule is buried and the dog will dig there and youre done

How do you get the paper by the lighthouse on Big Nate island?

The part of the comic strip is on top of the lighthouse. The old photograph is blowing around by the left side.

Where do you find the locked part of the comic on Big Nate island?

The title and frame are from the guy at the Klassic Komix shop. Assemble the other 8 pieces inside the frame on your Item Bag view. (see related question)

Where do you find the journal in poptropica on nabooti island?

There is no journal on Nabooti Island. But there is a ripped part of a journal that you need to find on Shark Tooth island.

Where is the comic strip part in the comic shop on Big Nate island?

You get the frame for the strip from the guy who runs the comic store (wearing a tan shirt).

What are the items you get on Big Nate Island?

These are the items that go in your item bag:(*not in item bag at the end)book of practical jokes - not actually part of the questbig nate comics - find all 8, put in order, show to guypack of stale gum - chew in school* stink bomb - use in detentionschool blueprints - map of the the schoolscuba gear - go into the sea* lobster trap - (bring up, give to Cap'n Salty)lobster -crank the light in the lighthousejet ski keys - race Nate to the islandmap to the time capsule - find the capsulepeanut butter crackers - give to the dogisland medallion

How do you complete part 1 of spy island?

you have to go to youtube and find out by youre self type in "how do you complete part one of spy island poptropica"

Where do you find Woodstock on Great pumpkin island?

Woodstock only appears in the Peanuts store on the island, not as part of the quest.

Were you find lavitar on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Larvitar can be found on Seven Island at Sevault Canyon (southern part of the island).

Poptropica how do you get the painting from Mr Rosa on big Nate island?

you can't he makes it for the school and tries to sell it for money to the school to help it its falling a part. the only thing you and do is ask him and you look in his telescope!

What part of the Philippines can you find a pilandok?

Pilandok can be found in the Balabac Island in South of Palawan.

How do you change the clock light on your 2000 Honda CR-V?

The clock light is an integral part of the clock and is not replacable by itself

Where do you find the city blueprints on sims bursting out?

When in the clock tower look for a weird looking part of floor in front of the staris go in and There it is.

How do you find part six of magazine on big Nate?

there is one by the telephone pole, there's two in the school there's on in the play ground, and there's on top of the light house

What borough is not an island or part of an island in New York NY USA?

The only borough that is not an island, or part of an island, is the Bronx. Manhattan and Staten Island are both their own islands, and Queens and Brooklyn are part of Long Island.

Where on the map is lunar island?

The only Lunar Island I know of is the one on the MMORPG, Runescape. You can find it in the north-west part of the games world map.

Where are the unkown in Pokemon FireRed?

The Unknown are in the seventh island. Go to the southern part of the island and surf. You will find some radomn caves in which the unknown should be in.

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