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Where do you find the cooling fan relay on a 1999 dodge caravan?


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In the Caravan i am working on, made on the 3rd month of 99, I had to remove the LH headlamp to get to the relay, after removing the headlamp, there its a black plastic cover, just pull that out of the way and will get to the relay.

my Caravan its a 2.4, i do not know if that has anything to do with the location of the relay.

Also what i will do its, place it where all the other Caravans have it.

good thing its that there are the holes for the screws already..

I have a 99 Grand Caravan 3.3L, hopefully the cooling fan motor relay is in the same place. You have to jack up the van. If you lay on your back looking up at the radiator drain plug, it is to the left on and bulkhead at about 11 o'clock. It has two 8mm bolts that hold it to the wall. The relay itself is about 2" square. Take the retaining bolts out and let it hang by the electrical wiring. The electrical connector has a red piece to it, push it to the opposite side and then push down on the black lever on the connector and pull to get it apart. The relay cost about $70.00. I have a maintenance manual for the van (which didn't show where it is) but it said meter it out and you should have continuity, but it doesn't say what the acceptable ohm range is. I metered out the first two contacts and it was 1024 ohm, the new one was about 1 meg. The relay is hard to get out, to quote the dealer "just replace it. If it was the temperature sensor, you should have a check engine light all the time."


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In the Power Distribution Center under the hood. The underside of the cover has a guide as to which relay/fuse is which.

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Mine is located in the fuse/relay panel on the left side under the hood next to the battery.

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