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You will mainly find them in Ontario and Quebec.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-15 18:15:25
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Q: Where do you find the maple tree in Canada?
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Why is the maple tree Canada's national tree?

Its Canada's national tree because the love maple syrup

What national tree from Canada?

Maple tree.

What is the national tree of Canada?

the maple tree

Canada's national tree?

the maple tree

National tree of Canada?

Maple Tree

Is the Maple tree the Tree Of Canada?


What does Canada maple leaf stands for?

because maple syrup is a big part of Canada therefore the maple tree=maple leaf

What does the maple leaf represent?

It represents Canada or a Maple tree

Where are maple trees located?

maple tree is located in Canada

What is meant by maple?

A "maple" is a type of tree, native to Canada.

Which what is the national tree of Canada?

i think its the maple tree

What is Canada's national tree?

the canadien national tree is the maple tree

Why is the Maple Leaf on the flag of Canada?

There is a maple leaf on Canada's flag because maple trees are the main tree that grows there. There is no national flower for Canada but there is a national leaf which is the Maple Leaf.

Why did Canada's flag become the flag of Canada?

The flag has a large red maple leaf on it. That is because Canada has lots of maple trees. The maple tree is also the national tree of Canada too, i think. As for the color red... I don`t know.

How old was the oldest maple ever?

the oldest maple tree is in Canada and is called comfort tree. it is 500 years old.

What country has a tree leaf in its flag?

Canada. It's a leaf from a Maple tree.

What tree is one of Canada's national symbol?


What does the leaf on the Canada flag represent?

maple tree

The name of country in which maple tree live?


What are some plants found in Canada?

The maple tree

What place does maple tree live in?

It is common in Canada

Why does Canada have a leaf on the national flag?

The leaf on Canada's flag is a stylized Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf is a symbol of national unity because the Maple Tree grows in all ten provinces of Canada.

What are the symbols of Canada?

The symbols for Canada is mostly the Maple Leaf on it's country's flag.Canada has official symbols that include the Coat of Arms, motto, tartan, and tree. Official symbols include the maple tree, the red and white flag with the maple leaf, and the beaver.

What plant is on a national flag of Canada?

a maple tree leaf

How do you get a maple tree seed in sim animals?

find a maple tree, shake it, and pick up the seed!