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It will be located on the drivers side door sticker. It is usually a letter combination usually like 3 characters long or so. Look under the Paint or PNT section of the sticker. Hope this helps.


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You can find the code on the label located on the driver's side door jamb. (See Link) Here is a link to describe all the color codes for your model year:

what its the paint code for 2002 mercury sable

PXR is the color code for the paint color of the vehicle. If you take that color code to a auto paint supplier they can match the color exactly. I believe that is a Jeep color code for Brilliant Black Pearl Coat.

The paint code for a Vauxhall Meriva depends on the color. For the oyster metallic color, the code number is 158.

the paint code tells you what color the car was when it came from the factory.

the paint code tells what color the car was originally from the factory.

On the 2006 model the paint code is on the door sill or on the post where the lock is -on the drivers side.

The color code is usually located on the same sticker that contains information about your tire pressure and other info. This sticker is usually located where the latch is on the front driver-side door or even on the B pillar. The color code is kind of hard to decipher. My car is Dk.Green, but my color code is BJ2. Go Figure... paint codes on Chrysler and dodge is located either on a sticker in the driver's door jam or on a metal plate under the hood. It is a 3 diget code(pw7,ph2, etc.) You will need a paint chip book to verify color. can be found where car paint is sold

check the original paint code

Harley davidson roadking

Code 21 indicates ECT out of self-test range

the original paint code is in the VIN. call a dealer and they can tell you how to read the vin

glove box, white sticker. its the WA number. ex: WA 8555. (8555 is a black used by GM)

theres a sticker in the glove box with the option codes the paint code is in the rt lower corner

Trouble code P0775 means:Pressure control solenoid "B"

Trouble code P0775 means:Pressure control solenoid "B"

Titty Pink was a real GM paint color code.

I believe the color was called top bananna, at least that's what dodge called it and if you go to NAPA you should be able to get the code for it from their paint books they have and they can also get you the paint.

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