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The model of the Statue of Liberty is atop Mount Everest at 1953 AD. Return it to the sculptor, Bartholdi, in the building at the Statue of Liberty (1882 AD).

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How do you find the submarine in Time Tangled Island on Poptropica?

you dont

Where do you find the gunpowder on Time Tangled Island?

@ the great wall...

Where to find the oracle on time tangled island?

inside a temple

On time tangled in poptropica how do you find the phonograph?

It's on top of the roof of the first building in Ancient Greece, in the Time Tangled Island.

Where can you find scurvy Sam in skulduggery island?

he is on time tangled on the tower

What do you do when you go to the future on time tangled island?

you find your self in the future(seconed time)

On poptropica who has the pumpkin head who do you get it from?

The pumpkin head is in Time Tangled Island and you have to find it.

Where do you find the bucket of ashes on time tangled island?

I don't think there is one.

Where do you find the cave to blow up in poptropica?

on time tangled island [vikings]

Where can you find the cave in time tangled island?

The cave is located in 0831 AD.

Where can you find the climbers goggles on time tangled island?

In the Aztec period, you get them from the warrior.

What is the mission on Mont Everest on time tangled island?

To find Edmond's goggles (in the Aztec time).

What is Time tangled island?

Time Tangled Island is one of the locations on the website Poptropica. (see related link) To complete the island, find all of the items scattered throughout time and return them to their proper owners. (see related question)

What is in the cave on time tangled island?

I the cave is the jar that you need to find for ancient Greece.

How do you find the silver vase on time tangled island?

It is a golden vase. (see the related question)

Where is the great wall of china in time tangled island in poptropica?

Look under and find the treasure

Who does the peace medel belong to in time tangled island on poptropica?

You will find it where Leonardo Da Vinci is.

What do you do with the Mission Printout on Time Tangled Island?

The Mission Printout is selected as the first item in the Lab on Time Tangled Island. It does not provide any real information, only tells you that items are out of place in time and you have to go to the future to find out more.

On poptropica how do you complete time tangled island?

you have to go in the future and get the time thingamagig and find what all the people want or need

Where do you find the missing goggles time tangled island?

An Aztec warrior has it on him. You have to get the mask first, then talk to him and he should give it to you.

How do you help Thomas Edison on Time Tangled Island?

You find his phonograph in ancient Greece (328 BC, 1 o'clock on the time device).

Where is the High altitude climbers on poptropica?

on time tangled island. when you go to mount Everest and you go all through it you will find them

How do you get the gun powder in time tangled island?

you go to the china brick wall and on the bottom right you will find the gun powder

What do you do in Time Tangled Island besides go to Ancient Greece in Poptropica?

you have to find things and restore all the peoples problems.

What do you do after you find the vase in time tangled island on poptropica?

You go to the ancient Greek times and give it to a person way to the right.